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RED-NOSE Day Celebration at County Battery Services

Last Friday, County Battery Services celebrated Red-Nose day in an effort to raise some funds for charity. The staff members were actively involved by putting on their red noses for the entire day. As a team we were successful in Red Nose day 1raising over £130 on the day, which are proceeds donated to the local charity. So, well done to all staff members at County Battery Services.

We also successfully ran a social media contest to our followers on Twitter and Facebook to post their funny red nose day picture. The response to the contest was excellent with lots of our followers posting their pictures to the County Battery page on Twitter and Facebook. We selected six top pictures out of the lot posted as they stood out from the rest. Here are the contest winner pictures with their respective RED NOSES!! (more…)

How To Refurbish a Car Battery?

Car batteries can be very expensive especially when it comes to replacement parts. Depending on the car’s make, model, and battery quality, one can expect to pay anything from £50 to £300. Many people are unaware and are surprised to find out that there is an inexpensive alternative as well. Lot of people don’t know that rather than buying a new battery, it is relatively easy to refurbish or recondition an existing one. Unlike other batteries, most car batteries allow access to the insides where the problem occurs. No matter how old is the battery, only with a few steps, most people find they can return it to life. This process can extend the battery life for another or more.

Useful Tools for Refurbishing a Dead Car Battery

Refurbishing a car battery involves the possibility of contact with battery acid. It is extremely corrosive and can burn skin and destroy clothing. Since batteries release gasses that can be explosive during the charging process, 1704096 WEB
always work in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. A good pair of rubber gloves ensures no battery acid contacts the hands. Safety glasses will help protect the eyes from spray and invisible gases. (more…)

Batteries for Everything- Including Chinese Electric Motorbikes!!

Now a day’s electric cars, motorcycles and bikes are in demand. Everyone is becoming eco-friendly hence the rapid growth in the sale of electric vehicles. A recent report by Transport & Environment shows that there will be more than half a million battery, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on Europe’s roads and sales should account for 1.5 percent of the market this year.

China is world’s biggest market for Electric vehicles, especially electric motorcycles. County Battery Services is riding the Electric vehicle wave with our Managing Director Richard Fuller leading the way in his brand-new BMW i3 Electric car (FYI we also offer Electric Car Charging Point at our head office). However, this blog isn’t about Richard’s car. It’s about how we helped our customer by sorting him the right batteries for his Electric motorcycle manufactured in China.

Electric bike 1Our customer Damien Walters came to us with a query for finding the right batteries for his fancy electric motorcycle earlier this month. The electric motorcycle was a unique one as it was hard to determine the correct batteries suitable or equivalent to the batteries previously used in it. When Damien brought his motorcycle to our head office, our battery experts at Kirkby tested the old batteries and instantly figured out what batteries were suitable for the motorcycle. (more…)

Richard’s visit to RAF Waddington

A number of employers were given the chance to go ‘behind the wire’ this week to learn more about life as a reservist at RAF Waddington.

Representatives from businesses in Lincoln, Gainsborough, Horncastle, Sleaford, Nottingham and Kirkby in Ashfield attended an employer engagement event at RAF Waddington on Wednesday 8 March, designed to demonstrate some of the roles and responsibilities undertaken by reserve personnel.

During the five hour event, employers listened to an intelligence-based presentation by 7006 (VR) Squadron, learnt more about the roles of the cyber and medical reserves, visited 8 squadron to see some operational aircraft and got hands on experience with some of the equipment used by reservists employed in the RAF Logistics and Regiment branches.

One of the employers who attended the event was Dr Adrian Tams, Head of Workforce Planning and Recruitment at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT).
He said: “We were proud to be invited to the RAF Waddington event, as we recognise, and welcome the valuable skills and experiences those from the Armed Forces can bring to our workforce.

“LPFT currently employs two reservists and we signed the Armed Forces Covenant last year. We have also received a Bronze Employer Recognition Scheme Award from the Ministry of Defence, in recognition of our continuing support for members of the Armed Forces.”

richard rafRichard Fuller, Managing Director of County Battery Services Ltd in Kirkby in Ashfield, also attended the event. He said: “I really want to find out more about the Armed Forces. Since we have employed an ex-service staff member, I have been so impressed with the skills and ethics that have been engendered. My father served in the RAF Regiment in World War Two and I always looked up to him for the discipline he commanded from his colleagues” (more…)

Why County Battery is the Car Battery expert

If you’ve ever wondered who to go to for new car batteries, then battery experts County Battery may well be the people you’ve been looking for. Not only do the staff at County Battery know everything there is to know about automobile batteries, but the owner of this family-run business also owns one of the UK’s best car battery brands, Fuller Battery.

At County Battery we are not only battery experts, but we are passionate about finding the right battery for the right job. We only sell high-quality batteries. Located in the heart of Great Britain, the East Midlands, with excellent transport links, County Battery is perfectly situated for both business and individual customers all over the country.


Family run battery experts

County Battery was established back in 1974 and for over 40 years the company has kept its head office in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. It has also remained in the ownership of the same family, where battery knowledge has been passed down the generations. The owner of County Battery also owns the Fuller Battery brand, an established name in car batteries in the UK, itself with a history that goes back to the mid-19th century.  (more…)

How to change a van or car battery?

If you’ve never had to change a car or van battery before it can seem a bit daunting at first, but by following this step by step guide, the job can be done safely and will only take a few minutes to complete.

1. Make sure the vehicle is parked somewhere safe and on a flat surface. Apply the hand brake and remove the keys from the ignition. Some models activate the central locking if the battery is removed, so keep the keys to hand.

2. Make a note of any PIN codes or settings for equipment such as sat-nav or radios in your vehicle, as these may need to be reset if the old battery has been disconnected and a new one installed. This information should be included in the owner’s manual; if not, you may need to check with the manufacturer.

3. You’re ready to open the bonnet and locate the battery. Check the bonnet stay is secure fixed, unless the bonnet stays up automatically. In most vehicles, the battery will be easy to spot, although on some models, it may be located under the seat, or in the boot. The owner’s manual will have this information.

4. Make sure you wear gloves and preferably protective goggles as well because car batteries contain a strong type of acid that is corrosive and can burn skin on contact. Image

5. Most modern batteries have a plastic cover or trim, which needs to be removed to expose the battery cables.

6. Battery cables are often colour coded (red for positive, black for negative) but if not, check the cable clamps on the battery, which will show minus (-) for negative. Always remove the negative connection first by loosening the clamp and moving it clear of the battery.

County Battery pledges support to the Armed Forces Community

County Battery Services Ltd, based on Field Industrial Estate, Lowmoor Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, currently employs one veteran and decided to publically show their support to the wider Defence community as they understand the benefits that military training can bring to the civilian workplace. Graham-Joules-Good-and-Richard-Fuller-outide-County-Battery_press-release (002)

Richard Fuller, Managing Director of County Battery, explained: “I am from a military family so I have always had an interest in the Armed Forces from a young age. My father, grandfather and great grandfather served our country, and I previously considered joining the Army myself before I embarked on a civilian career in battery industry.”

County Battery Services is a family-run business, established in 1974, with over 40 years’ experience and expertise in servicing customer requirements within the battery industry. (more…)

Fuller: A great brand in vehicle batteries

If you’re looking for a great deal on top-quality batteries, then Fuller has everything you need. The brand was created by Richard Fuller, who owns County Battery. A family business, having been run originally by Richard’s father, County represents the best in top-quality, technology-driven battery products, all sold at low prices and with excellent service.

The Fuller range

The high-quality range of Fuller batteries boasts models for all type of vehicle and machinery. You will find batteries for cars, motorcycles, vans and commercial vehicles, including agricultural vehicles. You will also find more specialist battery products, including products for lawnmowers, mobility vehicles, caravan batteries, boat batteries and emergency lighting batteries. Fullery Battery CMYK

A top quality brand of excellence

We stock Fuller batteries for the domestic and commercial sectors alike and our customers comment on the quality, reliable operation and durability of these high-quality battery products. We also work hard to keep our products extremely competitive. Fuller uses lean manufacturing methods and efficient operation to strip out production waste and to pass on the benefits to the customer, while maintaining the excellent quality of the product itself. The Fuller operation is accredited under the ISO 9001 quality scheme in recognition of its manufacturing calibre and quality ethos, where improvements are constantly being made to give customers superb performance and reliability in the Fuller battery products they choose. (more…)

County Battery- How do I buy a good car battery?

Identify what kind of Battery you need

  • Identify the type of battery that’s in your car, the easiest way to do this is by consulting your manual. If your manual isn’t to hand you could also check the manufacturer’s website where you could download an electronic manual for your vehicle or consult an expert, visit your local mechanic or contact us if you need any help!
  • Pick the right kind of battery for your driving needs. A battery with a long life is important if your daily driving habits are primarily short stop-and-start trips. Short trips don’t allow very much time for your battery to recharge therefore battery with a long life is better able to withstand those shorter trips. The battery must also be suited to the climate you’ll be driving in, high temperatures are hard on car batteries. The electrolyte solution in car batteries evaporates more rapidly in hot climates. It might be a good idea to check the cold start capabilities of a battery if you live in a colder climate.


Understand the Terminology

It can be easy to get lost in a sea of automobile jargon when shopping for a new car battery. Avoid this by learning the terminology!

  • Amp Hours – how long the initial battery life is before it requires charging.
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – CCAs indicate how much the battery can be powered to resist during extremely cold weather conditions. This is important because the colder the climate, the harder the engine has to work to keep the car going.
  • Reserve Capacity – the RC within car batteries determines how long it can operate in reserve, when the alternator within a vehicle fails in terms of amps and minimum voltage.
  • Group size – refers to the outside dimensions and placement of power terminals on the battery. Vehicle makes have different group sizes, but you should always go with the group size that’s recommended for your car.




This blog is from Battery Expert Richard Fuller. Richard has over 40 years of experience in battery industry.

My BMW  i3  electric car came with two charge leads- type 2 to 3 pin, and a type 2 (Mennekes) to 2.

The type 2 to 3 pin, the 3 pin refers to a standard three pin plug (yes you can plug into a standard house socket). The type 2 is the attachment to the car. This connection is the slowest charge and would generally take over night to charge, dependent on how flat the battery is. If it is a 13 amp charge which equates about three electrical units which if you need 27 kwh should take about 9 hours however I would expect that the chargers work at different stages, bulk charging upto 80% and then trickling in for the last 20% at a slower rate so the battery does not overcharge over heat and go into thermal runaway (more about this later). BMW i3

The other lead is a type 2 to type 2. This is normally the type used in public charging and the type you would possibly have fitted at home or at your office. It is suggested that it should charge in 3 hours and it may be even four in case if the battery is totally discharged.

There are a growing number of charge points all over the country. BMW themselves recommend Chargemaster who issue you with a swipe card that is free to use for the first six months. The most popular app for finding charge points appears to be Zap Map which seems to have the most comprehensive list of charge points. Zap Map also will tell you if the point is in use, what type of charge connection there is and the speed of charge plus much more. Your BMW i3 does have the charge points on the sat nav but I have found Zap Map better. (more…)