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Power Tool Battery Care

Power Tool Battery Care ni-cd

Taking good care of all your tools is something everybody should do without thought. But sometimes, you can overlook your power tools, even if it’s an accident. Unless it’s a part of the day job, you’re not going to use a cordless drill every single day, are you? However, when you do use it, you might just chuck it on a shelf afterwards. Battery care is always important.


  • Even if your battery is fully-charged, it might not give you its best power until it is warmed up.


  • Do keep the battery clean and dry. Any liquids leaking into the battery can cause it to short-circuit. Other residue could prevent the battery from delivering power to the tool.
  • Do inspect the battery periodically.
  • Do fully discharge and recharge the battery every few cycles, to prevent the memory-effect, which shortens its lifespan (nickel-cadmium NiCd).


  • Don’t leave a battery on its charger for too long. Overcharging it can cause damage to the battery, and cause the chemicals inside to deteriorate.
  • Don’t crack the battery shell at all, so nothing can get in and cause problems.
  • Don’t leave the battery out in cold temperatures, as the chemicals become slow.