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Why County Battery is the Car Battery expert

If you’ve ever wondered who to go to for new car batteries, then battery experts County Battery may well be the people you’ve been looking for. Not only do the staff at County Battery know everything there is to know about automobile batteries, but the owner of this family-run business also owns one of the UK’s best car battery brands, Fuller Battery.

At County Battery we are not only battery experts, but we are passionate about finding the right battery for the right job. We only sell high-quality batteries. Located in the heart of Great Britain, the East Midlands, with excellent transport links, County Battery is perfectly situated for both business and individual customers all over the country.


Family run battery experts

County Battery was established back in 1974 and for over 40 years the company has kept its head office in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. It has also remained in the ownership of the same family, where battery knowledge has been passed down the generations. The owner of County Battery also owns the Fuller Battery brand, an established name in car batteries in the UK, itself with a history that goes back to the mid-19th century. 

Fast battery delivery

Whether you’re a mechanic or you prefer to fit your own battery, we deliver batteries fast, free and straight to your door. We also offer the opportunity to click and collect car bat
teries from our store in Kirkby-in-Ashfield which is located just a few miles from the major M1 that connects London to Leeds. Our rapid delivery has made us the first port-of-call for motorists and mechanics for decades and our knowledgeable staff will always help you pick the right battery for your car and have it dispatched immediately or have it ready for you to collect in just two hours. In fact, with free delivery on all orders over £20, all of our car batteries can be delivered to you for no extra cost.

Not just cars

As County Battery stock more than just car batteries – including a full range of chargers and accessories – we know literally everything there is to know about batteries. This knowledge makes us one of the best places to go to for all battery needs, even if you just have a question about battery recycling. Another reason to come to County Battery for your car battery is that you can, at the same time, stock up on any other battery needs you have. Whether you need a battery for a toy, lighting, a mobility scooter or anything else that requires a unique battery, you’ll find it in stock at County Battery. As we recycle batteries too, you can kill two birds with one stone when you come and collect your new car battery. We recycle all batteries as safely as possible.

There are few battery suppliers in the UK with as much knowledge, or passion, as we have for batteries. Our family-run business has been used for 40 years by mechanics and individuals in the know about the best place to come. Whether you want to collect in two hours or receive free fast delivery, our helpful expert staff will always know what battery you need for your car.