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Batteries for Everything- Including Chinese Electric Motorbikes!!

Now a day’s electric cars, motorcycles and bikes are in demand. Everyone is becoming eco-friendly hence the rapid growth in the sale of electric vehicles. A recent report by Transport & Environment shows that there will be more than half a million battery, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on Europe’s roads and sales should account for 1.5 percent of the market this year.

China is world’s biggest market for Electric vehicles, especially electric motorcycles. County Battery Services is riding the Electric vehicle wave with our Managing Director Richard Fuller leading the way in his brand-new BMW i3 Electric car (FYI we also offer Electric Car Charging Point at our head office). However, this blog isn’t about Richard’s car. It’s about how we helped our customer by sorting him the right batteries for his Electric motorcycle manufactured in China.

Electric bike 1Our customer Damien Walters came to us with a query for finding the right batteries for his fancy electric motorcycle earlier this month. The electric motorcycle was a unique one as it was hard to determine the correct batteries suitable or equivalent to the batteries previously used in it. When Damien brought his motorcycle to our head office, our battery experts at Kirkby tested the old batteries and instantly figured out what batteries were suitable for the motorcycle.

zoom_Yuasa_VRLA_REC22-12_12V_22.0AhThe new battery fitted in Damien’s electric motorcycle was 12 Volt REC22 VRLA battery. Because of the unique built of the motorcycle, it needed 8 of the REC22 VRLA batteries. The 12 Volt REC22 VRLA battery is one of best in the market place and has the reputation for reliability and performance and long user life. The battery has been specifically designed for deep discharge providing excellent performance and long term reliability.

The battery’s heavy duty calcium grids provide for a superior cyclic life compared to a standard VRLA battery. The REC22 battery ensures operation in any orientation except for inverted.

County Battery Services staff pride themselves in providing excellent customer service and right information to the customers about how their battery problems will be solved. Damien Walters was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and expertise that our staff members possess.  In the end, all that matters to County Battery Services is a happy customer and Damien Walters was happy and satisfied with the quick and efficient service provided to him.

If you want to know more about  , please read or buy here. If you ever need batteries for anything, County Battery Services is your answer- We Supply Battery for Everything!!