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Beware of Duplicate or Fake Batteries!!

County Battery Services are continuously investing in our battery testing laboratories, not because we need to ensure that the quality of our products we supply are up to the standard but also for the number of our customers as they have a specification for a piece of electrical equipment and it is useful to measure the battery to that particular product.

Battery testingDuring the testing process it has come to light that there are a lot of duplicate or fake quality batteries on the market especially in the 18650 with products boasting huge capacities. There are also many branded products that appear to be so cheap that it raises suspicion. It does not take much of research online to find evidence of this. Here is an example of duplicate Ultra Fire cells.

How can you tell if the battery is not having the correct capacity?
Generally the major brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, etc set the standards for capacity in the market. If the duplicate or fake battery is more power than the popular brand companies that have spent the most in R&D, then that raises suspicion and perhaps it is worth further investigation.

To test battery accurately, a professional testing equipment is needed to get a real capacity reading. For the general public it is impractical to purchase such equipment. You can take the battery to a local battery expert such as County Battery Services Ltd or you could use a branded product from a source that you trust and put them into the same equipment and time the use.

One of the highest capacity 18650 cells on the market is the Panasonic NCR18650B with 3400mAh. If you come across a product with greater capacity it may be useful to be cautious. As can be seen in the link to the Ultrafire battery above cells and batteries can be duplicated. It is the author’s opinion that you would be better to buy from a reputable source that can authenticate the products they sell.

Source: Richard Fuller