Fuller Superb Car Battery 030 12V 70Ah 570A

  • Brand: Fuller
  • Volts: 12V
  • Ah (C20): 70A
  • CCA: 570
  • Dimensions: L: 258mm W: 173mm H: 225mm
  • Warranty: 5 Years
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Fuller Superb 030 12V 70Ah 570A Car Battery

Product Code: 10403012

Fuller Superb Starter Battery

The Fuller Superb 030 Car Battery is used in many car types such as Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and many more. Click on the Car Fitment tab on this page to find your car fitment. The 030 Car Battery is suitable to perform for 1.4 litre to 4.2 litre petrol and diesel vehicles.

The Fuller brand was launched in 1988.

This high-performance heavy-duty Fuller Superb Starter Battery utilises the latest lead-acid technology and provides the unmistakable reassurance of a 5 year warranty

Being heavy-duty and of ultra-low maintenance the Fuller Superb starter battery has excellent cold start capabilities, giving peace of mind when extra starting power is required.

Ah (C20):
L: 258mm W: 173mm H: 225mm
5 Years
Lead Acid
Terminal Layout:

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030 Battery Car Fitment

Nissan Almera N15 2 Diesel 
Nissan Almera N16 2.2 Diesel 
Nissan Elgrand E50 3.2 Diesel 
Nissan Fairlady   3 Petrol 
Nissan Largo   2.4 Petrol 
Nissan Maxima/QX A33 3 Petrol 
Nissan Murano Z51 3.5 Petrol 
Nissan Patrol Y60 4.2 Petrol 
Nissan Primera P10 2 Diesel 
Nissan Primera W10 2 Diesel 
Nissan Serena C24 2.5 Diesel 
Nissan Stagea   2.5 Petrol 
Nissan X-Trail T31 2 Diesel 
Nissan X-Trail T30 2.2 Diesel 
Renault Alpine/GTA   2.5 Petrol 
Rolls Royce Phantom VI 6.8 Petrol 
Subaru Legacy (2009-) 3.6 Petrol 
Suzuki Escudo Series 1 2 Diesel 
Suzuki Grand Vitara (2005-) 1.9 Diesel 
Suzuki Grand Vitara (1998-2005) 2.7 Petrol 
Suzuki Kizashi (2011-2013) 2.4 Petrol 
Suzuki Vitara (1988-2002) 1.9 Diesel 
Suzuki Vitara (1988-2002) 2 Diesel 
Toyota 4-Runner   1.8 Petrol 
Toyota 4-Runner   2 Petrol 
Toyota 4-Runner   2.4 Diesel 
Toyota 4-Runner   2.7 Petrol 
Toyota 4-Runner   2.8 Diesel 
Toyota 4-Runner VZN130 3 Petrol 
Toyota Alphard (2008-) 3.5 Petrol 
Toyota Aristo (1991-1997) 3 Petrol 
Toyota Aristo (1997-2000) 3 Petrol 
Toyota Aristo (1991-1997) 4 Petrol 
Toyota Camry CV10 1.8 Diesel 
Toyota Camry VZV21 2.5 Petrol 
Toyota Camry VCV10 3 Petrol 
Toyota Celsior (1990-2000) 4 Petrol 
Toyota Corolla (E100) CE100 2 Diesel 
Toyota Corolla (E110) ZZE110 1.9 Diesel 
Toyota Cressida RX30 2 Petrol 
Toyota Crown MS85 2.6 Petrol 
Toyota Dyna   3 Diesel 
Toyota Estima   2.2 Diesel 
Toyota FunCargo   1.4 Diesel 
Toyota Hi-Ace (2001-2006) 2.5 Diesel 
Toyota Hi-Lux KDN145/50 2.5 Diesel 
Toyota Hi-Lux KDN165 2.5 Diesel 
Toyota Hi-Lux KUN26 3 Diesel 
Toyota Hi-Lux LN130 2.4 Diesel 
Toyota Hi-Lux   2.8 Diesel 
Toyota Hi-Lux   3 Diesel 
Toyota Landcruiser J15 3 Diesel 
Toyota Landcruiser J12 3 Diesel 
Toyota Landcruiser J9 (KDJ90,95) 3 Diesel 
Toyota Landcruiser J9 (VZJ90,95) 3.4 Petrol 
Toyota Picnic CXM10 2.2 Diesel 
Toyota Previa TCR11 2.4 Petrol 
Toyota RAV-4 (2000-2006) 2 Diesel 
Toyota RAV-4 (2006-2013) 2.2 Diesel 
Toyota Soarer   3 Petrol 
Toyota Soarer   4 Petrol 
Toyota Sprinter   2 Diesel 
Toyota Vigo   3 Diesel 
Toyota Vista   1.8 Petrol 
Toyota Vista   2 Diesel 


As winter comes around it becomes more important to take care of your battery, whether it’s for a golf trolley, a motorbike or a caravan, if it’s not being used it needs to be maintained. Here are a few tips on how to care for your battery over winter.

Disconnect Unused Batteries               

It is imperative you disconnect your battery over winter. Batteries should always be disconnected if they’re sitting unused for an extensive amount of time. Some things still draw some power when they aren’t being used, meaning the battery could potentially run out of charge faster if connected. County Battery recommend storing batteries somewhere where the temperature does not fall below freezing.

Recharging Batteries in Storage

Unused batteries will deteriorate much faster than a battery that is in constant use or constantly being recharged. Batteries begin to self discharge when it is not being used and the chemicals inside start to react. Topping up the charge periodically will vastly improve its life.

Be sure the charger used is correct for your battery. Lead Acid and Gel etc all require different types of charger. Be sure to monitor your battery when it is on charge, especially if your charger is not automatic as the battery may overheat/overcharge. If the battery is overcharged the acid/water will begin to boil and evaporate.

Cleaning Batteries

Once you have removed a battery from the vehicle, before charging it is a good idea to clean the batteries down to rid them of any corrosion. A mixture of clean water and baking soda can be used to neutralise any acid on the case and remove any corrosion that may have developed on the terminals.