Fuller Superb Car Battery 100 12V 71Ah 650A

  • Brand: Fuller
  • Volts: 12V
  • Ah (C20): 71A
  • CCA: 650
  • Dimensions: L: 278mm W: 175mm H: 175mm
  • Warranty: 5 Year
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Fuller Superb Starter Battery

The 'Fuller' brand was launched in 1860.

This high performance heavy duty Fuller Superb Starter Battery utilises the latest lead acid technology and provides the unmistakable reassurance of a 5 year warranty

The Fuller Superb 100 Car Battery is used in many car types such as:
Ferrari Testarossa   4.9 Petrol 
Ford Freda   2.5 Petrol 
Ford Freda   2.5 Diesel 
Jaguar/Daimler XJS Series   4 Petrol 
LDV Maxus   2.5 Diesel 
Lotus Esprit   3.5 Petrol 
Opel Campo   2.5 Diesel 
Porsche 928   5 Petrol 
Porsche 928   5.4 Petrol 
Porsche 944   3 Petrol 
Porsche 959   2.8 Petrol 
Porsche 968   3 Petrol 
Rover MGSV   5 Petrol 
Rover MGZS   2 Diesel 
TVR SE Range   3.9 Petrol 
TVR SE Range   4.2 Petrol 
TVR SE Range   4.4 Petrol 
Vauxhall Brava   2.5 Diesel 
Land Rover Range Rover MK 2 P38A (1994-2002) 2.5 Diesel 
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Being heavy duty and of ultra low maintenance the Fuller Superb starter battery has excellent cold start capabilities, giving peace of mind when extra starting power is required.