Yuasa Motorcycle Battery YB4L-B 12V 4.0Ah (SOLD DRY - WITHOUT ACID)

  • Brand: Yuasa
  • Volts: 12V
  • Ah (C20): 4A
  • Dimensions: L: 120mm W: 70mm H: 92mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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  • New Acid Law From 1st July

From July 1st 2018 under new EPP (Explosives, Precursors & Poisons) regulations, we can no longer supply sulphuric acid, so all "dry charged" motorcycle batteries will be supplied without acid. You will have to get the battery filled locally.

Yuasa Motorcycle Battery YB4L-B 12V 4.0Ah (SOLD DRY - WITHOUT ACID)

Available to be sold with acid to trade customers.

Product Code: 11450989

The Yuasa YB4L-B is a high powered 12 Volt 4Ah motorcycle battery

Mostly suitable for Honda, Piaggio, Peugeot, Aprilia and more. Please see Motorbike Fitment tab for the full list.

The YB4L-B motorcycle battery was the first small engine
starting battery to use "lead calcium" technology. This special
technology means the YB4L-B generates more power, requires less maintenance,
and lasts longer than any other conventional battery.

More Power
Because of its unique design the YB4L-B will generate 5% to 8% more cold
cranking amperage than our own high-output YB4L-B lead-antimony battery. For high compression machines,
this means greater reserve capacity and more starting power.

Less Maintenance
The YB4L-B lead calcium
technology also reduces water loss, so requires servicing (water filling)
only about one-eighth as often as ordinary lead-antimony types.

Longer Life
The YB4L-B holds its specific
gravity more than three times as long as lead-antimony type batteries
resulting in a longer shelf life. This feature means longer periods between
charges, especially during winter months.

Ah (C20):
L: 120mm W: 70mm H: 92mm
1 Year
Acid Volume:
0.3 Litre
Lead Acid

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YB4L-B Battery Motorbike Fitment:

PEUGEOT Jet Force 50cc
PEUGEOT Ludix 50cc 
YAMAHA EW50 50cc
HONDA ND50 M 50cc
HONDA NN50MD Gyro 50cc
HONDA PX50 MS 50cc 
HONDA NQ50, M 50cc
MALAGUTTI Fifty Top 50cc 
SUZUKI RG50 50cc
SUZUKI DG80 80cc
YAMAHA CR90 90cc
SUZUKI TS125X 125cc 
SUZUKI SP250 250cc
SUZUKI DR500S 500cc
SUZUKI SP500 500cc
HONDA NZ110 MM 110cc
TGB/WINKING AT50 Bunny 50cc
GARELLI Big Racing 50cc
HONDA C50SW 50cc
YAMAHA CW65 65cc
BETAMOTOR Chrono 50cc
HONDA C70W 70cc
HONDA C90 CW 90cc
MBK Booster Road 50cc 
TGB/WINKING AS50 X Kurier 50cc 
TGB/WINKING AS25 Bunny 50cc
HONDA NT110MV 110cc
ITALJET Dragster 50cc
PEUGEOT SV Blue Star 50cc
CAGIVA Cucciolo, Mito 50cc 
CAGIVA K3, W4 50cc
MALAGUTTI Crosser EL 50cc
PEUGEOT Elyseo 50cc
APRILIA Habana, Custom 50cc
APRILIA Sonic, GP 50cc
MALAGUTTI Yesterday, Euro 50cc
PEUGEOT Trekker Road/Off Road 50cc
PEUGEOT Vivacity 50cc
YAMAHA BWs Bump, Spy 50cc
YAMAHA Why 50cc
APRILIA Rally 50cc
PIAGGIO Zip SP (Euro 2) 50cc
PIAGGIO Fly 50cc
PIAGGIO SP 50 50cc
APRILIA Classic 50 50cc
APRILIA Gulliver AC/LC 50cc
APRILIA Rally AC/LC 50cc
APRILIA Red Rose/Classic 50cc
APRILIA RS50/Extrema 50cc
APRILIA RX-50 50cc
APRILIA SR LC/Netscaper 50cc 
APRILIA SR Replica/Racing 50cc
APRILIA SR Stealth/WWW 50cc
APRILIA Tuareg Rally/Wind 50cc
BENELLI 491GT/Sport/Racing 50cc
BETAMOTOR Ark Air/Ark Lc 50cc
BETAMOTOR Quadra 50cc
GILERA Bullit, Easy Moving, Runner 50cc
GILERA Runner 50cc
GILERA Runner/SP 50cc
GILERA Typhoon, X 50cc
HONDA NP50, M Sky 50cc
KAWASAKI KMX200 A2-A5 200cc
KAWASAKI KR250 B, C, KR, 1S 250cc
MBK Booster Spirit 50cc
MBK Booster Track 50cc
MBK Equalis 50cc
MBK Nitro 50cc
MBK Ovetto 50cc
PIAGGIO Velofax 25cc
PIAGGIO Liberty 50cc
PIAGGIO Velofax 50cc
SUZUKI DR250S 250cc
SUZUKI TS250X 250cc
APRILIA H2O 50cc 00-
APRILIA Pegaso 50cc 00-
APRILIA Replica 50cc 00-
APRILIA Sonic 50cc 00-
APRILIA SR Netscaper 50cc 00-
PEUGEOT Speedfight 2 50cc 00-
APRILIA AREA 51 50cc 00-01
APRILIA Mc Gulliver 50cc 00-01
APRILIA SR50 50cc 00-01
BENELLI Pepe 50cc 00-01
BETAMOTOR Eikon 50cc 00-01
YAMAHA BWs Original 50cc 00-01
YAMAHA Slider 50cc 00-01
APRILIA Scarabeo 50 50cc 00-03
APRILIA RS50 50cc 00-05
PEUGEOT Looxor 50cc 01-
PEUGEOT Rapido/Rapido3 50cc 01-
PEUGEOT SCLI Metropolis 50cc 01-
PEUGEOT Speedake 50cc 01-
PEUGEOT ST 50cc 01-
PEUGEOT Zenith 100cc 01-
PEUGEOT Ciclomotore (Electric-Starter) 105cc 01-
PIAGGIO NRG MC3 50cc 01-
PEUGEOT Elystar TDS 50cc 03-
YAMAHA EW50N 50cc 05-
YAMAHA YQ50, L 50cc 05-
YAMAHA CW50, N, RS, RSP 50cc 09-
YAMAHA YH50 50cc 09-
YAMAHA YN50, M 50cc 09-
APRILIA Scarabeo 50 Street 50cc 13-
PIAGGIO Fly 2T 50cc 13-
PIAGGIO Vespa S 50 2T 50cc 13-
HONDA NX50M Express SR 50cc 81-82
HONDA NU50M Urban Express Deluxe 50cc 82-83
HONDA NB50M Aero 50cc 83-84
HONDA NQ50 Spree 50cc 84-85
SUZUKI TS80X 80cc 84-87
SUZUKI RG80, C 80cc 85-95
KAWASAKI KMX125 A1-A8, A11 125cc 86-02
YAMAHA CE50 Riva Jog 50cc 86-87
YAMAHA CE50S Riva 50cc 86-87
SUZUKI SP200 200cc 86-88
HONDA NH50 MS 50cc 86-98
YAMAHA SH50 Riva Razz 50cc 87-01
HONDA SH50 50cc 87-89
APRILIA AF-1 Futura/Europa 50cc 87-94
YAMAHA SH50, E, D, M Riva 50cc 87-94
YAMAHA CG50, Riva 50cc 88-91
KAWASAKI KL600A KLR (Kick-Starter) 600cc 89-90
YAMAHA CW50 Zuma 50cc 89-90
YAMAHA CR50, Z 50cc 89-93
KAWASAKI KMX125 B1-B9 125cc 91-
YAMAHA CW50, RS, RSX BWs 50cc 91-97
APRILIA Amico GL/LK/LX/Sport 50cc 92-97
TGB/WINKING AT50 Bunny Gespann 50cc 93-94
FANTIC MOTOR Koala 80cc 93-96
MBK Booster 50cc 93-96
PEUGEOT SV Junior 50cc 93-96
PGO Star-Star II 50cc 93-96
FANTIC MOTOR Koala 50cc 93-97
HERCULES (SACHS) KX5 50cc 93-97
MBK Evolis 50cc 93-97
PEUGEOT SV/SV Geo 50cc 93-97
YAMAHA YE50 Zest 50cc 93-97
PIAGGIO Quartz 50cc 93-98
PIAGGIO Sfera, RST 50cc 93-98
MALAGUTTI Centro 50cc 94-
MALAGUTTI Phantom F.12 50cc 94-
BENELLI Devil (Electric-Starter) 50cc 94-95
BENELLI Devil 80cc 94-95
GARELLI Big Wheel 50cc 94-95
GARELLI Pony, Pony SR 50cc 94-95
TGB/WINKING AS50 X Bunny 50cc 94-95
YAMAHA YE80 Zesyt 80cc 94-96
HERCULES (SACHS) Samba, Swing 50cc 94-97
PIAGGIO Free, FL 25cc 94-98
PIAGGIO Zip 25cc 94-98
PIAGGIO NRG 50cc 94-98
PIAGGIO Free, FD 50cc 94-99
PIAGGIO Typhoon 50 50cc 94-99
ITALJET Formula 50cc 95-
ITALJET Velocifero 50cc 95-
APRILIA RS 250 250cc 95-04
MBK Fizz 50cc 95-96
PEUGEOT Zenith 50cc 95-96
PGO Big Max 50cc 95-96
PIAGGIO Storm 50 50cc 95-96
YAMAHA YM50 Breeze 50cc 95-96
GILERA Eaglet 50cc 95-97
HERCULES (SACHS) Limbo L, M, MA, ML 50cc 95-97
PEUGEOT Fox LA 25cc 95-97
PEUGEOT Buxy 50cc 95-97
PEUGEOT Fox Lux 50cc 95-97
MALAGUTTI CR1 50cc 96-
HERCULES (SACHS) Reggage, Reggage Splinter 50cc 96-97
MBK Booster NG 50cc 96-97
MBK Booster Rocket 50cc 96-97
MBK Forte 50cc 96-97
PEUGEOT Buxy RS 50cc 96-97
PEUGEOT Squab 50cc 96-97
YAMAHA CW50RSP NG 50cc 96-97
PIAGGIO NRG MC2 50cc 96-98
APRILIA Scarabeo 2T 50cc 97-
ITALJET Torpedo 50cc 97-
YAMAHA CW50 Zuma II 50cc 97-01
PEUGEOT Speedfight/LC 50cc 97-99
PIAGGIO Vespa ET2, Injection 50cc 98-
APRILIA ET 50cc All Years
APRILIA LC 50cc All Years
APRILIA Mojito 50cc All Years
APRILIA Mojito 25 KM/H FL 50cc All Years
APRILIA Mojito FL 50cc All Years
APRILIA MX50 50cc All Years
APRILIA Sonic Acqua 50cc All Years
APRILIA SR Urban/Viper 50cc All Years
APRILIA SR 50 de 50cc All Years
APRILIA MX 125 125cc All Years
APRILIA RX 125 11 KW 125cc All Years
APRILIA RX 125 F.P. 125cc All Years
APRILIA SX 11 KW 125cc All Years
APRILIA SX F.P. 125cc All Years
APRILIA RS Replica 250cc All Years
BENELLI Devil 50 (c/avv.) 50cc All Years
BENELLI KBX 50 Race 50cc All Years
BENELLI Scooty LX/DLX 50cc All Years
BETAMOTOR Adventure 50cc All Years
BETAMOTOR Tempo 50cc All Years
CAGIVA K7, Passing 125cc All Years
CAGIVA W8 125cc All Years
DERBI All 50cc Models 50cc All Years
FANTIC MOTOR HP1 50cc All Years
FANTIC MOTOR Oasis 50cc All Years
GARELLI Noi 50cc All Years
GARELLI Sahel, Team, Urka 50cc All Years
GARELLI XLE Tiger 50cc All Years
GILERA 503 50cc All Years
GILERA Easy Moving 50cc All Years
GILERA GSA (Electric-Starter) 50cc All Years
GILERA Sioux El.-Starter 50cc All Years
GILERA Stalker, Storm, Top Rally 50cc All Years
HONDA Fifty 50cc All Years
HONDA PXR 50cc All Years
ITALJET Bazooka, 2 50cc All Years
ITALJET Cruise 50cc All Years
ITALJET Pista 50cc All Years
ITALJET Reporter 50cc All Years
ITALJET Scoop 50cc All Years
KAWASAKI KL250 D2-D16 250cc All Years
KTM Kross 50cc All Years
LAVERDA Formula 750cc All Years
LEM Flash 50cc All Years
LEM Ghibli 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI Colors 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI Evolution 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI F10, F12/F12LC Twin Disk 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI F15/F15 Twin Disk 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI Mistral 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI New Dribbling 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI RST 50cc All Years
MALAGUTTI Top 50cc All Years
MBK Active 50cc All Years
MBK CTS/SS 50cc All Years
MBK Sorriso 50cc All Years
MBK Target 50cc All Years
MBK Evolis 80cc All Years
MOTRON Compact Racing RZ1 50cc All Years
MOTRON Invader 50cc All Years
MOTRON Spike 50cc All Years
MOTRON Sting 50cc All Years
MOTRON Syncro 50cc All Years
MOTRON Thunder 50cc All Years
MOTRON XLE 50cc All Years
PEUGEOT Liverty 50cc All Years
PEUGEOT X-Fight 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Diesis 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Easy Moving 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Liberty 2T, 2T RST 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Liberty 2T Sport 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO NRG Power 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO NRG Power DD 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO NRG Power DT 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO NTT 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO RCR 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Runner SP, DD, FL 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Runner SP Race 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Runner SP SC 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Scatto 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO SMT 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Stalker 50 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Stalker Naked 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Vespa LX 2T 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Zip FR, RST, SP 2T H2O 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Zip 50cc All Years
PIAGGIO Zip, Fast Rider 50cc All Years
PUCH Lido SL50, Lido Vario Allcc All Years
QIANJIANG QJ36-A 50cc All Years
QIANJIANG QJ50T, QJ50T-2 50cc All Years
RIZZATO Byte AT10 50cc All Years
RIZZATO Carosello 50cc All Years
RIZZATO Hacker AT12, LC/Racing 50cc All Years
SUNDIRO HONDA SDH50QT 16 50cc All Years
XinDaZhou HONDA SDH50QT 16 50cc All Years
YAMAHA Aero X R, Max 50cc All Years
YAMAHA Beluga 50cc All Years
YAMAHA Breeze 50cc All Years
YAMAHA NG 50cc All Years
YAMAHA Original 50cc All Years
YAMAHA Spy 50cc All Years
YAMAHA STS/SS 50cc All Years
ZongShen Piaggio ZIP50 50cc All Years


The best way to assure long term performance of your motorcycle battery is to keep it charged on a regular basis. The majority of modern chargers are now automatic, this means they can be constantly attached to the battery and will only provide charge to the battery when necessary.  A very popular method amongst most motorcyclists is to keep the charging leads attached to the battery at all times and stowed away  in the battery compartment when riding, this way they can be easily reconnected to the charger when the motorcycle is not in use.

Cleaning and Storage                               

It is important to make sure your battery is kept clean, as this can help stop the build up of sulphates on the exterior of the battery.
If lead sulphate (white powdery substance) begins to build up on the lead plates inside your battery it is very likely the lead plates may not be able to accept the charge they need, causing the battery to become unusable. To help prevent this, when storing your motorcycle you should disconnect the battery from the bike and continue to charge regularly.

Regular Motorbike Battery Maintenance

  • Clean the battery, making sure it is clear of any substances.
  • Check the battery acid levels, topping up with acid or distilled water as necessary. Make sure this is done in a well-ventilated area. (Be sure to wear goggles and gloves).
  • Check the cables and connectors for any visible damage.
  • Check the inside of the battery for excessive Sulphate build up.
  • Make sure caps are screwed back onto the battery tightly.
  • Check the breather pipe is not blocked
  • Place a tester on the battery.