Maypole MP74212 12 Amp 12 Volt Electronic Bench Smart Battery Charger

  • Brand: Maypole
  • Volts: 12V
  • Ah (C20): 12A
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Maypole MP74212 12 Amp 12 Volt Electronic Bench Smart Battery Charger

An efficient smart charger that will quickly re-power your battery with its 3 stage charging. This can be integrated to your campervan or motorhome system if you are self building, to produce a cost effective way of recharging your leisure battery off the camp site 240v supply without having to payout for an expensive power management system. 

The unit is also ideal as a compact bench charger, that any car or van owner should consider owning. As the old weather arrives many people are caught out or let down by their vehicle battery. A quick charge for a few hours will mean that you'll be able to start and move your vehicle again, even if you ultimately need to replace the drained battery it will get you to the garage for a replacement. If you've left your lights on or have drained the power from your vehicle battery a 3 stage charger will recharge in a controlled manner extending the life of your battery compared to having to jump start the vehicle.

Fully automatic powerful smart bench charger recommended for a wide range of vehicles from light to heavy duty commercial use. Ideal for workshop environments

Suitable for heavy duty batteries up to 120Ah

Suitable for 12V lead acid, GEL & AGM batteries

3 stage charging cycle automatically detects the battery condition before re-conditioning, charging and maintaining the batteryLCD display showing charging information.

Suitable for Start/Stop vehicles

4 charging rate options (automatic, 2A, 8A, 12A)

3 display options ( Amp/Voltage/% of battery charged)

Robust metal case with integral handle and rugged design

LED error indicator for reverse polarity, short circuit or open circuit

1.8 meter leads with insulated crocodile clips

Manufactured to European electrical safety standards

Suitable for low maintenance and maintenance free 12V lead acid & AGM batteries of 10Ah to 120Ah capacity only

Input 230V AC 50Hz 2A

Output 12V DC 2A, 8A, 12A

Suitable for: cars, 4x4's, vans, caravans, motorhomes, boats and tractors