Battery Pack Repair & Rebuilding


If your power tool battery pack is no longer holding its charge, buying a new battery or new drill is not the only answer. Get your battery pack rebuilt with County Battery.

  • We exchange all your battery’s internal cell with brand new ones.
  • A-grade battery cells used to recell your battery pack.
  • Your refurbished batteries will look as good as brand new and will work in exactly the same way as it used to.
  • We recell, refurb, and repair Lithium (Li-Ion), Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd battery packs.
  • Save Money

You can place your order online by selecting the desired battery you want to refurbish in simple steps below. At any stage if you are struggling or have any query, feel free to ring us on Telephone: 01623 757377

We rebuild batteries or battery packs for the following types:

  • Drill & Powertool batteries
  • Electric scooter/bike battery
  • Mobiliy Scooter Batteries
  • Robot batteries
  • Toy batteries
  • Medical batteries

Ebike Battery Pack Repairing and Rebuilding:

For Ebike battery pack repair and rebuild queries, please email pictures of the battery pack along with technical specifications, your contact name and number to [email protected]

Alternatively, if you can’t find your required Battery Pack Brand, Volts, Ah, then contact us by clicking here

OR you can also bring your battery pack to repair, recell, refurbish at any of our Shops in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nuthall or Ilkeston.

Please see sending your battery tab below for options on how you can send your old battery to us for refurbishment.

* Important Info:

  • Lead time of 10 working days for the refurbed battery pack to be returned
  • Please send you battery charger along with battery packs
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