Lithium Battery Repair Service from County Battery Services. The UK's number 1 bike battery repair service company. County Battery Services can repair and rebuild ebike batteries, stewart golf f1 trolley battery packs, drill batteries, powertool battery packs, luggie scooter batteries, mobility scooter battery packs, snap-on drill batteries, gocycle g1 battery packs, lithium battery packs and many more. 

To see the battery packs we aren't currently rebuilding, please see our 'Battery Pack Rebuilds We Don't Currently Do' page and get added to the mailing list to be informed when we are rebuilding your type of battery pack again.

We use your existing case to rebuild your battery pack

What makes County Battery Services the number 1 service company for battery pack rebuilding?

  • Premium quality cells used in the battery packs
  • Expert advice and knowledge provided by our battery experts to the customer
  • Built in the UK
  • Easy to order online 

How it works?

  • You place your order online.
  • We will process your order and arrange a UPS label for you. The UPS label will be emailed to you.
  • You send your battery pack and charger to us via UPS with the help of the email.
  • Once we repair/rebuild your battery pack, we shall deliver it back to your doorsetep.

Please ensure you send your charger along with your battery and anything else needed to test the battery such as keys.

Please see below the popular makes we can rebuild

  • Wisper
  • F1 Stewart Golf Trolley Battery
  • Luggie Mobility Scooter Battery
  • Cyclamatic
  • LPX
  • C-1 City
  • Giant Lafree
  • GoCycle G1
  • Smarta 
  • Urban Mover
  • Life cycle Alpine Sports Electric
  • Silver Fish
  • Pro Rider E Wayfarer
  • Gazelle Easy Glider
  • Sunpex
  • Solax
  • Bionx 
  • Giant Twist

If its a powertool/drill battery you need refurbishing, please order through this page

If you don't see your battery pack anywhere on this page, it may be that we aren't currently rebuilding it. You can check here and receive an email once we can build it again.

If your battery pack isn't on either of the pages, click here to fill in the form and send the battery to us!

At any stage if you are struggling or have any query, feel free to ring us on Telephone: 01623 757377 or email us the battery pack pictures at