Changing A Car Battery Without Losing Your Radio Code

Finding your battery

The first step is to lift the bonnet and locate the battery. In most cases, the battery will be located in a plastic box or padded canvas cover. If it's not there, it may be in the boot or stuffed underneath one of the car's seats.

Setting up your secondary power source

Your second step is to set up your secondary power source. Using a booster or a jump pack, look for a solid place to put it, and be sure that the leads can reach the battery terminals with ease. Next, clamp the crocodile clips over the leads that connect to the battery (be sure to not let the clips meet!). Connect the black to the black and the red to the red. Ensure that the crocodile clips are securely on a metallic part of the leads, this way it won't stop you from taking the leads off the current battery. Make sure the switch on the booster is on. If you are using a 12-volt battery and a set of jump leads, place the auxiliary battery on the ground by the vehicle and connect the jump leads to the battery. Connect the red lead to the positive terminal, and the black to the negative. Now, clamp the clips to the other end of the jump leads, over the leads that connect the battery (red to red and black to black). Again, make sure the clips are secured to the metallic part of the leads.

Removing the clamp and removing your old battery

Your third step will be to remove the clamp, holding your battery in place. Take a look at your current battery to see how it is already being held in its place. There should be a clamp across the top of the battery that is holding it in place. If not, there may be a clamp on the base of the battery that is holding it to the floor. Once you've found out how its being held, use your socket set to loosen the bolts on the clamp and remove it. Now you need to remove the leads from the battery and then remove it. Find the bolts on the battery leads that are holding the clamps to the terminals. Again using your socket set, loosen the bolts but don't remove them. ONE AT A TIME, starting with your negative lead, remove them from your current battery whilst being sure that the clips from your auxiliary remain in place and connected. Once they're free, remove them from the battery and remove the battery from your vehicle. Your auxiliary battery should now be supplying power to your car until we connect up the new battery.

Connecting the new battery

Without moving the current leads being supplied by your auxiliary, lower the new battery into place. Connect the red to the positive terminal and then the black to the negative. Be careful that you do not knock the clips off the leads as you get them into your new battery. Tighten the bolts on  the clamps to hold them in place. It is now safe to remove the auxiliary by disconnecting the crocodile clips. Get the clamp back into its original place and tighten the bolts again, holding it down in its place.


Finally, start up your car to check that the battery has been fitted properly and successfully. Test the radio, too. If you have gone over every single step with precision, the power to the radio will not have been cut and will not require programming with the radio code. County Battery sells the best quality Car and Van batteries in the UK at competitive prices. We sell leading brands such as Enforcer, Fuller, Odyssey, Exide, and more. Check out High Quality Car & Van Batteries Now!!

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