E Bike Battery Winter Care

How to maintain your e-bike battery during Winter

It’s coming to that time of year that isn’t typically great for batteries, as the cold weather creeps in, all kinds of batteries will be left untouched to drain and die in the winter months, this goes for e-bike batteries too. However, with the right care and understanding of a few simple steps, your bike battery can easily last through the winter and be healthier than ever.

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For many people, their e-bike will be stored away in the winter waiting for the cold weather to pass before riding again, understandably so, but if the battery is just left to sit during this period of time it will likely fully discharge and not be able to reach its previous charge levels, if any at all. So here are our top tips for storing your battery this winter.

Choose a suitable location

If an electric bike battery is sitting for a long period of time, it is recommended to be kept in a dry, room-temperature location, so if you’re keeping your bike in a cold shed outside, it’s probably better to store the battery separately if possible.

Keep the battery topped up

It is vital to ensure your battery doesn’t run out of charge, you may think that if a battery is charged to 100% and not used it will stay at 100%, however, this is not the case. Even when not in use, e-bike batteries will drain over a period of time, so checking and charging the battery once or twice a month will stop the battery from completely discharging.

Charge Sufficiently

Following on from the last tip, when charging your battery ensure it is fully charged. If the battery is charged 1-2 times a month but not being fully charged each time, it could lead to the future runtime of the battery being significantly lower than before.

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For many others, staying in during the winter will be the last thing on their mind! So, for those who are still braving the storm and venturing out for a ride during the winter, here’s what you can do.

Double-check check the battery is attached

This does seem silly, however, you don’t want your battery flying off and landing in a muddy puddle when you’re halfway through a ride, so the first thing we would recommend doing is to make sure the battery is connected and attached correctly.

Clean the battery separately

If you’re heading out into the woods or anywhere in winter for that matter, your bike will probably need cleaning. If this is the case we recommend removing the battery and carefully cleaning it separately. While they are obviously made to brave any condition, there’s no harm in taking extra care of the battery when cleaning. We recommend wiping any dirt off with a damp cloth if possible.

Follow the previous steps

The first three tips aren’t just for out-of-use batteries, they go for all electric bike batteries. Even if you’re continually using your battery, ensure that it’s stored in a suitable location, and that it is fully charged before every use.

So, whether you’re taking it easy this winter or if you’re carrying on as normal, be sure to care for your battery in order to give it the longest life possible. 

If you have an electric bike battery that isn’t quite cutting it anymore, contact our team of battery experts here and receive all the battery help you need!

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