How Long Do Truck Batteries Last?

How long do truck batteries last

Truck batteries, more commonly known as commercial batteries are essentially big, powerful starter batteries, but how long do they last and what can you do to get the most out of them? We've put together a short guide to commercial batteries and the best ways to look after them to ensure a long healthy battery life.


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What is a commercial battery?

A commercial battery is a high-power starter battery used to start vehicles such as trucks, tractors, larger cars and more. Their high cranking power makes them easily turn over bigger engines on these vehicles.

How do I make my battery last?

Like all batteries, there are checks you can do to ensure a longer life for commercial batteries, here are a few of them:

Charge the battery
If your battery is being left to stand for a long period of time, it will be beneficial to keep it charged up and not let it run flat.
Check the battery
It is recommended to check your battery once a month with a voltmeter, if your battery is sitting at around 12.8 volts or more, then that points to a healthy battery. And if it is around 12.5 volts or lower, the battery should be recharged as soon as possible.
Keep the battery clean
On a lot of commercial vehicles, the batteries aren’t found under the bonnet like they would be in most cars. A lot of the time you find them in a section around the side of the vehicle, this means that they can attract a lot of dirt and grime which could affect the batteries performance. Ensure that the terminals are free from any dirt, grime and corrosion.
Switch things off
Switching off things that aren’t needed while the engine isn’t running will also help prolong the life of a commercial battery, this includes things such as headlights & interior lights, radio and anything else that will be draining power from the battery.

Following these steps will help prolong the life of your commercial battery and put your mind at ease.


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How long do truck batteries last
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