Let County Battery Services Recycle Your Batteries

Let County Battery Services Recycle Your Batteries

Did you know?

All batteries should be disposed of correctly. At County Battery Services Recycling, we take batteries very seriously. We believe that batteries shouldn't be thrown away, but given a second chance life. We care for the batteries.

With the average household producing around 1 tonne of rubbish every year. It has never been more important for us each to do our bit for the environment and recycle what we can.  Here we are talking about what to do with old batteries and how to get them recycled with County Battery Services.

Batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Each battery is a different type and has uses that they can be made into once they are gone through the recycle process.  Some of the different types of batteries and their potential uses include:

Lead Acid Batteries:
Battery Use - Cars, forklifts

Recovered Materials - Lead, Polypropylene and Gypsum (from the acid).

Potential Uses - Lead acid batteries, Battery cases – other products, Agriculture and other industries (filler for plasterboard and washing powder)

Nickel Cadmium Batteries:

Battery Use - Power tools

Recovered Materials - Nickel, Steel, Cadmium

Potential Uses - Metal Plating, Steel Industry, Batteries – restricted use

Zinc-based Batteries:

Battery Use - Domestic

Recovered Materials - Steel, Zinc, Manganese

Potential Uses - Steel Industry, Many Industrial Applications, Many Industrial Applications.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries:

Battery Use - Mobile phones

Recovered Materials - Nickel, Steel.

Potential Uses - Steel Industry


Lithium Ion Batteries:

Battery Use - Laptops

Recovered Materials - Cobalt, Steel.

Potential Uses - Electronics, battery, paint manufacture, Steel Industry.


How can  you recycle batteries?

Battery Recycling is an easier process than many people may think. We at County Battery Services offer a full recycling solution for all batteries from  collection to service. Sorting the batteries correctly before recycling helps the recycling process. This is because batteries are made from many different chemical components such as lithium-ion, zinc or nickel cadmium. Sorting batteries into their different chemistry types means more of the original material can be recovered to make new products.  There are various ways of recycling batteries but the objective is always the same– recovering as much of the raw material used to make the battery as possible so that it can be used again to make something new.

To find more information about our recycling services, please click here  . We pay for your scrap batteries. Get a quick quote here 

So remember "Don't bin it. Recycle it!"

Let County Battery Services Recycle Your Batteries
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