Motorbike Battery Maintenance and Care

Motorbike Battery Charging

The best way to assure the long term performance of your motorcycle battery is to keep it charged on a regular basis. The majority of modern chargers are now automatic, this means they can be constantly attached to the battery and will only provide charge to the battery when necessary.  A very popular method amongst most motorcyclists is to keep the charging leads attached to the battery at all times and stowed away in the battery compartment when riding, this way they can be easily reconnected to the charger when the motorcycle is not in use.

Cleaning and Storage

It is important to make sure your battery is kept clean, as this can help stop the build up of sulphates on the exterior of the battery. If lead sulphate (white powdery substance) begins to build up on the lead plates inside your battery it is very likely the lead plates may not be able to accept the charge they need, causing the battery to become unusable. To help prevent this, when storing your motorcycle you should disconnect the battery from the bike and continue to charge regularly.

Regular Motorbike Battery Maintenance

- Clean the battery, making sure it is clear of any substances. - Check the battery acid levels, topping up with acid or distilled water as necessary. Make sure this is done in a well ventilated area. (Be sure to wear goggles and gloves). - Check the cables and connectors for any visible damage. - Check he inside of the battery for excessive Sulphate build up. - Make sure caps are screwed back on to the battery tightly. - Check the breather pipe is not blocked - Place a tester on the battery.

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