Steps to improve your Cordless Drill Battery

Don’t you hate it when your cordless drill gives up in the middle of a job. It seems that the supplied battery packs just don’t cut it. Here at County Battery, we will show you how to improve your cordless drill battery and get a much longer use between charges. Here are few simple steps: 1). When you first buy a cordless drill charge your battery completely to make it last longer. The common mistake that many people make is to charge it only for 10 or 15 minutes. This actually lowers the life of the battery. A full charge is recommended the first time you use a cordless drill by the manufacturers because the battery has a memory. If it's not charged completely the first time, the battery's memory will consider that a full charge, and the battery won't last as long as it should on a charge. 2). Charging your battery completely after it runs down will keep your cordless drill battery strong and improve its performance. The way to tell if your battery is fully charged is to look for a red and green light on the charger. When the red light is on, your battery is charging. When the green light is on, the charger has cut off and your battery is fully charged.{C} 3). Clean the cordless drill battery contacts regularly to improve its performance. Batteries usually have two contacts (one negative and one hot). Use a rag or any piece of cloth to clean away dust or debris on the contacts. Make sure that your cordless drill contacts are also clean of debris or dust. 4). Upgrading the battery that comes with the drill you've bought can also help improve a cordless drill battery. Nowadays, there are lithium batteries available for your cordless drill. These batteries are stronger and last longer, therefore you can do more work with less charges. County Battery offers a full range for power tool, drill battery and cordless power tool batteries. Whether it is drill battery refurbishment or specialist battery pack building, County Battery can cover all your needs. We also carry a comprehensive selection of high quality brand new stock of replacement drill batteries. Visit our Drill Batteries page now to order your battery at the best price in the UK with next day delivery option available.    

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