Lean Journey Update County Battery Services

As you may know, we are on a lean journey here at County Battery and are constantly thinking of new ways to improve the ways we do things every single day! Here are some of our best improvements from the last few months...


Richard's Battery Picking Improvement

Richard realized how hard it is to pick  battery from the back of a pallet, so he has came up with a new way to pick the batteries from the back! Watch what he's done...




Mark's GoCycle Improvement

Mark needed to ensure that the cells were perfectly straight while rebuilding GoCycle batteries, watch how he's made it so he never has to worry again




Richard's Lean Dishwasher Basket improvement

After running out of space in the kitchen for the cutlery to go, Richard had a brilliant idea...




Molly's Kanban Improvement

We use a kanban system here at County Battery, but what happens when the system fails? Molly has the answer...




Kieran's Warehouse Improvement

Kieran noticed something was missing in the warehouse, so he made it right...




Isaac's Battery Testing Improvement

While testing the nominal voltage, Isaac needed to calculate the voltage he needed to charge and discharge the batteries to every time. Now he's made it a lot simpler.




Tia's Training Matrix Improvement

In this video, Tia explains our training matrix and how it works and also shares her improvement...




Molly's Accounts Kamishibai Board Improvement

Watch the improvements Molly has made to the amazing accounts kamishibai board to make it even better!



That was a few of our favourite improvements from recent months, we hope you enjoyed watching them but more importantly we hope you took something away from them and made your own improvement! We will always be continuously improving our process, so keep your eye out for more videos in the near future!


To see all of our videos you can do so by clicking here to find the full playlist.