In recent weeks we've had the pleasure of welcoming Nathan B to the team to help with our production lines and also learn a thing or two about how we go about our day to day work. The following piece is from Nathan's wonderful job coach Nikki Pendery on how Nathan has settled in with us here at County Battery.


On the 5th January 2021 Nathan B, one of our dedicated Supported Internship students was fully charged and ready to commence with his 6-month work placement at County Battery. It was looking like a non-starter with the dreaded COVID-19 government announcements on the evening of Monday 4th January, which raised a few questions: Will the placement go flat overnight? Would we have to put halt in the movement of Nathan starting his placement? Luckily after a few conversations with all parties involved, everyone decided it was best to get all charged up and continue with the placement, providing that stricter Covid-19 measures were put in to place to keep everyone safe.

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Nathan had a great first week learning about the company, LEAN Manufacturing and how to charge batteries, which he was dab hand at! Nathan showed a keen interest and picked up the processes well, they were so impressed they decided that he could help to set up a new product production line and look at ways to make improvements to save time and money! Unfortunately, Nathan suffered a minor setback as he had to self-isolate for 10 days. He re-charged his battery and showed great resilience when he returned. 6 weeks on he’s now completed the production line and has built the first new product that was sold to a customer last week.... WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!







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Nathan aka: Mr Burbanks would like to say a huge thank you to County Battery, he says “Thank you for making me feel so welcome in the company (or work family) and for giving me the chance to work with you and for all of your support and time." Isaac who manages operations at County Battery has said “Nathan is doing a brilliant job! He has been putting his problem-solving abilities to use by helping us develop a production line and improve the quality of a brand-new product. He has developed our products and our production lines, developed himself in the process. Learning new skills such as soldering, drilling, crimping and stripping cables. His confidence has grown massively, and we are excited for the future.
Nikki the job coach says “the County Battery vision statement is very true: 
To make the world a better place by developing people, they certainly do just that.
Well done County Battery, keep on developing people, this is a super company vision and one of the things you excel at!”
Nathan really has excelled and grown during his time here at County Battery and it shows. Although only being with us for a short period of time, he is making improvements and savings day in day out. See the video below of some of the improvements that Nathan has made...