• The County Battery Services team have an affinity with batteries
  • Collectively more than 75 years experience within the industry
  • Our culture of continual improvement means the team make it their business to keep up with the latest battery developments

Customer Service

  • It is the teams’ wish at County Battery Service to ‘WOW’ our customers
  • Our customers are not there for our convenience, County Battery Services are there for the convenience of our customers
  • Our customers are the most important part of the business and the reason why County Battery Service exists

Continual Improvement

  • Without continual improvement every day the company will become stale and falter
  • It is the duty of County Battery Services to improve everybody everyday
  • It is the duty of the staff to help their colleagues improve every day

Corporate Social Responsbility

  • It is the duty of all at County Battery Services to work with the young as they are our future
  • To strive for the good of the locality that contains our customers. If we strive to make our customers prosper, so shall we
  • The company pays two days wages per year for all employees to do gratis work in the local community for worthwhile causes
  • Being humble and showing compassion to others helps with excellent customer service

Honesty & Trust

  • County Battery Services will be honest with all customers  internal and external
  • The person that did not make a mistake never made anything
  • We can learn from our mistakes, if we share them then we can all improve every day
  • With honesty and trust integrity is built, without this our company is nothing


  • Happiness is a condition of work at County Battery Services
  • If you are unhappy you will spread it to internal and external customers
  • If you are unhappy working at County Battery Services then you should leave!


  • Versatility is needed at County Battery Services, it is important that you can do as many jobs as possible
  • Versatility allows you to understand some of the problems your colleagues encounter, therefore allowing you to be more patient and/or help them through difficult times
  • Being versatile makes it easier to continually improve


  • A chain is only as good as its weakest link
  • By working as a team we help colleagues improve and strengthen the chain
  • We all work towards a common goal of continual improvement and customer WOW!