Stilettos or Steel Toe Caps

What job is easy? Is a role in accounts more challenging than that of a delivery person? Is it more important? Is it more rewarding?

When I was asked if I would like to cover the driver’s job for a day, I jumped at the chance to swap my high heels and cosy office for safety shoes and a high viz. Yes, it was a picture to behold.

I took to the road dashcam on, satnav set, van loaded with thanks to the warehouse team.

On arrival at my first stop I read the process on how to obtain an electronic proof of delivery, collected the goods for delivery (small box, heavy item) and made the delivery.  Once the satnav was reset off I went again and again and again and so on. To interact with customers/business of all sizes face to face was a refreshing change.

Due to the process we currently operate I was dispatched to Mansfield (Stannah), Forest Town (Schoolblazer) which were relatively close but then it all changed. The third drop of the day was to WJ Bowman in East Markham which led to Ristes Motor Company (Nottingham City) then over to Sherwood Business Park (Standard Motor Products Europe), that’s one big park that satnav didn’t quite get right. The last drop of the morning was in Somercotes (IMG Geographical Services). Then it was back to Head Office for lunch and a reload. The afternoon didn’t fare well as I was dispatched to WB Power in Heanor then across the county to Aegis (Newark Centre). My analysis of the deliveries was that we are going to far for some deliveries. Travelling over an hour in between drops is too much. So, having fed back to the team we are relooking at deliveries and trying to add more drops into a smaller area. We are also looking at alternative delivery options for the more distant deliveries. I also learnt I can’t find my way home so when I spoke to the warehouse who changed the process by adding a last drop to the routing programme. Now the Satnav directs you back to County Battery Services . A 2 second saving. (It’s a LEAN thing).

At County Battery Services we are always looking for ways to improve the Customer Experience and increase in-house productivity, so my day out was a useful exercise.

County Battery Services operate a LEAN environment.  Look it up, it challenges you!  Or contact us, we welcome visitors with a will to change their outlook on life and open their minds at our daily meetings.

So, was the job easier, more challenging, more important or more rewarding? I think it was just different, and it opened my eyes. Any job can become easier if you have the correct equipment and a great team to support. It helps though if the processes are clearly laid out.

I was challenged on this day and it felt great. Give it a go, swap jobs with a colleague and see how you get on, see if you can come up with alternative/quicker ways of a achieving a leaner process. Trust me, it’s rewarding.

Thank you to all those customers I had the great privilege to meet. Here’s just a few of them.