I've bought x2 leisure batteries for my motorhome from County and was very pleased with the helpful, friendly staff.
unfortunately I wasn't too happy with my next purchase of an engine battery.
I drove to the Kirkby depot and was advised to fit a fuller battery, which I did at £140 less £10 discount, on arriving home and checking the warranty on the web site I discovered the same battery at £118.99 + free delivery......considering I saved county on delivery and packaging, I was a bit annoyed!
After contacting county I was offered a 10% discount voucher
which is no good to me, as according to warranty I wouldn't need one for 5 years! I gave 4 stars as I can't fault the staff and previous purchases.
Nick Hodges 17/01/2018, 08:33
A* service
Fantastic prices
Prompt delivery
Will definitely use again
Holly smith 16/01/2018, 15:24
Magic very helpful
Roy Bentley 16/01/2018, 09:55
Very helpful and recommended the correct battery for my vintage motorcycle.
Chris Swinton 16/01/2018, 09:54
Very good service and helpful 5 star in my book.
Michael Oxley 16/01/2018, 09:53
County Battery very kindly allowed me to complete a consultancy project with them for my bachelors degree. Cannot express my thanks enough to Richard and Phil for all their support and to the friendly and lovely staff who were all extremely nice and welcoming. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Thank you.
Sally Hufton 16/01/2018, 09:52
It is always a pleasure to do business with county batteries, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.
DJI Property Services 16/01/2018, 09:51
What great service. I had a confusing issue with a battery that was 18 months old and returned to the shop for some assistance. I was served by Dale who was extremely knowledgeable handled the whole thing with great efficiency. It was without doubt the best Customer service I have ever had and would not hesitate to recommend County Batteries.
Rob Bettison 16/01/2018, 09:50
Down to earth, understanding your needs, 100% customer orientated, Very helpful. Springs to mind
Mark Hammond 16/01/2018, 09:49
I ordered an 18 hole Lithium Battery from County Batteries. Unfortunately they had none left in stock so they upgraded to a 36 hole for £5 extra. A good deal. I have been very pleased with it over the past 8 months.
Tim Allen 16/01/2018, 09:48