Our Lean Journey

The reason we call it a journey is because there is not a destination! This all goes against the grain of normal business practice, lots of goals targets and KPI’s to reach unfortunately this is not possible because with lean we are always looking for improvements.

The journey started when our Managing Director Richard Fuller was on a bike ride with his bank manager friend and they were discussing business efficiency. The bank manager told him of a company in Alfreton called Klime-Ezee, their Managing Director Ashley Bailey  who had transformed his company by implementing a system called 2 Second Lean. Richard read the book written by Paul Akers and was instantly hooked, he then started implementing lean systems immediately and soon got in touch with Ashley who gave him a factory tour which inspired him even more.  


The Lean system in County Battery Services has changed the business vastly. The system is not about making the staff work harder, it is about making it easier and getting them to think how they can make it easier amongst other things as a staff development tool. 

Richard is currently working with Ashley to build up a network of lean companies in the UK to work together to learn from each other and build more efficient customer focused companies. Phil Hemmings from CPL print in Derby is one of latest. If you are interested in increasing your productivity with the same amount of staff who are fulfilled and happy, we are happy to give you a tour of our Head Office; our only proviso is that you read Paul’s book! 

How Lean Has Changed Our business

County Battery Services Ltd first implemented lean in July 2015 after the Directors Richard Fuller and Phil Dobson read the book 2 second lean by Paul Akers. The first thing we did was to take the cupboard doors off the units in the kitchen, and we quickly realised that we just saved 2 seconds, it was that simple. By working together and finding more and more 2 second savings, improvements within the business evolved.

Following the simple lean culture of 3s-Sweep, Sort and Standardise, the whole team at County Battery Service Ltd began to see improvements throughout the business.

We improved and continue to improve our:

  • Working systems
  • Working environment
  • Customer service

Each day we have a lean Meeting at 9 o’clock in the morning. We discuss what we have swept sorted or standardised, larger projects are then managed in small teams to review and implement new systems or process to be even leaner.

Our Examples of Lean

Have a look at what we have done at County Battery Services to become more lean. Whether it be at home or at work, anyone can make simple 2 second improvement every day in order to save more time to do things effectively.

Click the links below to see how we have made County Battery Services more Lean and try it for yourself.

Lean Kitchen

Lean Warehouse

Lean Office