Lithium Motorhome Batteries

If you want the best possible leisure battery that money can buy for your motorhome, then you need to go lithium. While they do come with a hefty price tag, LiFePO4 batteries beat the good old fashioned lead acid batteries in many ways, here's a few of them:

LiFePo4 batteries are around half the weight of lead-acid, making them a lot easier to move around if needed.
With the correct charger, LiFePO4 has the potential to fully charge within ONE HOUR!
LiFePo4 batteries also have up to 60% more usable capacity than lead acid batteries, this means that the battery will keep working past 10.6v all the way until it's nearly flat, unlike the lead acid battery hich will more than likely stop powering the application it is on once it drops down to 10.6v.
The LiFePo4 battery is more compact with greater power density than the traditional lead acid battery.
Please note that LiFePo4 batteries must be used with the correct charger, contact us for details on finding the correct charger for your lithium motorhome battery.

Still unsure about lithium batteries? Take a look at the graph below

As shown by the graph above, the discharge curve of the Lead Acid battery is different to that of the Lithium battery. Most 12v electrical items will stop functioning when the Lead Acid battery drops to 10.6v. The LiFePO4 battery holds the voltage until it is nearly flat giving around 60% more useable power.

Making your Life Easier

In addition to providing you with the power you need to enjoy your leisure activities to the full, the motorhome batteries that we stock are designed to provide low-maintenance solutions for caravan owners. Sealed units ensure a minimum of water loss and the robust construction of our batteries makes them ultra-reliable over time. If you are looking for a fit-it-and-forget-it-solution, we have what you need. Every unit comes with a full warranty covering manufacturing defects and faults, which starts when you make your purchase. For further information on any of our products, or to ask any questions you may have about the services we provide, please feel free to call us on 01623 757 377, send us an email at, or visit one of our shops.