Yuasa Motorcycle Battery B39-6 (DC) 6V 7.0Ah (SOLD DRY - WITHOUT ACID)

  • Brand: Yuasa
  • Volts: 6V
  • Ah: 7A
  • Dimensions: L: 126mm W: 48mm H: 126mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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Yuasa Motorcycle Battery B39-6 (DC) 6V 7.0Ah (SOLD DRY - WITHOUT ACID)

Available to be sold with acid to trade customers.

Mostly suitable for Maico, Piaggio, Triumph and many more. Please see Motorbike Fitment tab for the full list.

The Yuasa B39-6 is a 6 volt 7Ah battery which is suitable for use on:

Jet Ski
Jet Bikes

The Yuasa B39-6 battery is packed with technology for the highest reliability and cranking amps. The B39-6 battery is built using the highest quality materials possible to give high performance and cranking power.

The Yuasa B39-6 battery uses advanced lead alloy technology increasing starting power whilst keeping self discharge to a minimum. Fuller Powersport B39-6 uses an active material compound to resist vibration which has excellent durability and longevity

Yuasa B39-6 battery is supplied with an acid pack in the box which greatly increases the storage time, as the battery does not deteriorate whilst left in the dry charged state

So if it's for off road jet skiing lawn mowing or conventional use the robust technology, precisely tuned to the specific loads
of motorcycles, provides a long life and reliable starting power for 6V and 12V batteries