You watch a poor soul sigh in exasperation as they try to turn the key in the ignition of their car. That dreaded whining noise sounds and the ignition light fails to light up on the dashboard. They try again. And again. But it’s no use - their battery is flat.

Poor weather conditions can spell disaster for your car battery. Lucky for you, you can easily avoid falling into the same trap as that poor soul.

Here are our top tips for maintaining your car battery in bad weather!

Watch County Battery expert Richard show you how to replace the battery in a Hill Billy Golf Trolley

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Let County Battery Expert Isaac show you how to set up a QR code for adding a contact.

A brief look into County Battery's history, current work and staff.

Here at County Battery, we take recycling very seriously. Watch this short informative video about the company's processes, honours and awards.

Here are the 10 most common causes of car breakdowns.

Written by Tom Butcher

County Battery – An apprentice culture

The year 2018 has seen huge growth for County Battery Services as we employed four new apprentices in October and November alone, putting our total to 6 apprentices amongst our 14-person team.

County Battery Expert Luke Edwards shows you how to replace the battery in a Toyoyta GT86 Key Fob.