County Battery expert Isaac has an amazing improvement that he is currently in the process of implementing after he got the idea from Seating Matters! Watch this video to find out what he's been doing!

Another really good saving coming from Isaac from the County Battery accounts team!

Writing emails can take way too much time, so how handy would it be to have most emails that you need already in one easy place? County Battery expert Rohan has done exactly that in this excellent improvement, and here's how you can too!

County Battery expert Richard has recently found that the new mops at County Battery are good for cleaning more than just the floors!..

Here at County Battery we use a system called MyKanban to ensure we are always stocked up! Watch how County Battery expert Luke tidied up an area to make the tools and kanbans accessible for everyone! 

After Luke's previous improvement, he decided to go one step further and improve on it even more! Watch this short video to see how he has made it easier for everyone to know exactly where the tool trolley should go!

County Battery expert Rohan is here to show you his lean training matrix that is linked to to every 8 step process! This is a perfect way to learn for everyone especially a new starter, whilst also saving everyone bags of time!

If you work in an office, chances are you send emails every day. County Battery expert Rohan has an excellent time saving tip for everyone that uses Outlook! To see more of our 2 second savings, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

The last thing you want to be doing while working on something is going back and forth to keep getting the things you need. That's why County Battery expert Luke has added all of our tools in the warehouse to a trolley, making them easily accessible for everyone!

As you know, here at County Battery we are all about saving time, that's why we use one piece flow, an excellent  method for saving time for any business! Watch this short video to see County Battery expert Isaac explain how it works with a simple demonstration!