Every week we thoroughly clean our sales office. This means we have to move everything out of the way including everyone's desks and chairs. But what happens when it comes to putting them back and no one knows what belongs to who? County Battery expert Richard thought this was an issue and decided to solve the problem and make the process much easier! Watch how he made a very quick 2 second saving to save himself and everyone else bags of time in the future. That's Lean!!

Here at County Battery services we have a system to move up the business called the Lean Pathway. Watch County Battery expert Richard explain how it all works and what it does with a little help from Jack & Kieran.

We love visiting other lean thinking companies! County Battery experts Richard and Luke recently visited Bradbury Tracks to see how they work on a day-to-day basis, and to see what they could take away from their visit. Watch this video to see how they got on and what they learned!

County Battery expert Kieran has made an amendment to his Kamishibai board in the packbuild room by creating a keypad type process to log his 2 second savings!

We love hearing from our customers, so the more feedback we can get, the better! County Battery expert Rohan has came up with a brilliant way of hearing feedback from more of our customers, even with the limited review invitations that we can send out!     To see more videos like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel...
Enjoy watching another 2 second saving from County Battery Services! Our expert Rohan has made a current process a lot easier by adding filters to the system to easily sort through orders!      We have plenty more 2 second saving videos! If you would like to take a look, start with these! How to set up a QR Code...
One of the main lean things we have at County Battery is scorecards all around the building. These are to track things such as incomplete & complete tasks, lean pathway progression and 2 second savings. This is a very lean way of keeping on top of things and making sure everything gets done!      Want to see more...

Watch this short video to see County Battery expert Luke show the improvements that have been made to make the picking process easier for everyone in the warehouse!

At County Battery, everyone trains in every department, so our expert Isaac has developed a training matrix to see the progress of the people he is training in each individual subject. A very clever and very lean way of logging what you have taught or learned! 

County Battery expert Isaac has added QR codes linked to the process he needs to the tasks on his Kamishibai board!