It is always one of our main priorities to make sure the building is clean. County Battery expert Richard has an excellent new product to make the floors extra sparkly! Watch him demonstrate how this new product works in this video!  

If you were interested in Richard's video about the lean pathway, let Isaac show you the new and improved pathway that we follow at County Battery. Take a look at the improvements and changes that have been made for staff members to move up the lean pathway! 

Recently, Josh from Quarrydale School joined us for a week of working at County Battery! After a week of doing various different things within the business, hear what he had to say regarding his time and what he got up to.

Every week we thoroughly clean our sales office. This means we have to move everything out of the way including everyone's desks and chairs. But what happens when it comes to putting them back and no one knows what belongs to who? County Battery expert Richard thought this was an issue and decided to solve the problem and make the process much easier! Watch how he made a very quick 2 second saving to save himself and everyone else bags of time in the future. That's Lean!!

Here at County Battery services we have a system to move up the business called the Lean Pathway. Watch County Battery expert Richard explain how it all works and what it does with a little help from Jack & Kieran.

Hello, my name is Josh and I’ve been doing work experience at County Battery Services for Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.