County Battery Services is the leading battery supplier in the UK and experts at repairing/refurbishing old battery packs. One of our customers wanted their old Mountfield Mower Battery pack repaired and we didn't disappoint them. Have further read below.....

From July 1st, 2018, the new law imposed by the Home Office on battery acid will majorly impact trade for motorcycle battery retailers.

The increasing levels of electronic devices found on boats, yachts and motorhomes has led to a greater demand being placed on the batteries installed. The Fuller deep cycling leisure and marine battery can cater to those demands.

Fuller DC30-12 SLA AGM Battery has been designed specifically for frequent use. The Fuller DC30-12 is the type of battery which suits applications like Golf trolley, Mobility scooters, Electric wheelchairs and magnetic lifts. This battery is a 12 Volt 30Ah sealed lead acid battery.


Richard Fuller from County Battery Services Ltd explains what Ampere hours or Ah really means on your battery.

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County Battery Services show how to replace the battery in a three button Ford key remote fob.

All batteries should be disposed of correctly. At County Battery Services Recycling, we take batteries very seriously. We believe that batteries shouldn't be thrown away, but given a second chance life. We care for the batteries.

County Battery Services show how to change the battery in a Mazda key fob.