Black and Decker A1712 Replacement Ni-Mh Drill Battery 12V 3.0Ah

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Black and Decker A1712 Ni-Mh Drill Battery 12V 3.0Ah

Replacement Part numbers:

BLACK & DECKER A12, A12-XJ, A12EX, A1712, FS120B, FSB12, HPB12,Firestorm FS120B, FS120BX 

Compatible Models: 

Black & Decker: BD12PSK, BDBN1202, BDG1200K, BDGL12K, BDID1202, CD1200SK, CD12SFK,CDC1200K, CDC120AK, CDC120ASB
CP122K, CP122KB, CP12K, CP12KB, HP122K, HP122KD,HP126F2B, HP126F2K, HP126F3B, HP126F3K, HP126FBH, HP126FSC, HP126FSH
HP126K, HP128F3B, HP12K, HP12KD SS12, SX3000,SX3500,SX5000, XD1200,XD1200K,XTC12IK,XTC12IKH