AFS Kit DIN 12-Cell BFS Connector

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An essential part of lead-acid battery maintenance is watering a lead-acid battery. Thanks to the SmartBlinky range, you know exactly when to water a battery and now there's a new and innovative battery filling system that not only saves time but money too.

Along with being faster to install and having fewer parts than the competition, the AFS battery filling system offers a host of additional benefits:

  • An easily accessible hydrometer hole.
  • Maximum visibility for the level float.
  • A water trap.
  • Custom branded caps for the AFS valves.
  • A low profile.
  • Integration with common industry standards for fill heights and tube widths.

The AFS can be used in conjunction with many water supplies available on the market today such as our HydroFill Pro. We always recommend using pure/deionized water with a battery filling system to ensure now unwanted particles and minerals are deposited in the battery, reducing the overall charge capacity and battery life over time.