County Battery has been named the 'Green Awards 2016' winners at the awards evening organised by Investors in the Environment (IIE) Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. This is for the second year in the row that County Battery has won the Green Award. The awards evening was an opportunity to celebrate and congratulate the 23 IIE Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire members who have been working hard to reduce their environmental impact over the last year and who now have a comprehensive environmental management system in place to reduce their carbon footprint and cots year on year. It was a fun-filled award evening attended by various County Battery staff members. The Investors in the Environment (IIE) is not for profit environmental accreditation scheme designed to help businesses save money and reduce their impact on the environment. County Battery is proud to be named the winner for the second time and the icing on the cake was that our MD Richard Fuller also picked up the Environment Champion award at the ceremony for his continuous contribution towards the environmental cause by reducing waste and promoting the standard to lots of people and other businesses. County Battery has been continuously working towards reducing waste. We started by purchasing an industrial shredder for the paper and cardboard that was going to landfill. County Battery uses those shredding for packing parcels for mail-order customers. The shredder cost us £3000 and the cost of polystyrene chips is £50 per week. The return on investment for the shredder was recovered within just over a year. We have also installed a new energy efficient lighting at all our offices. There are lots more initiatives that County Battery is continuing to make as the carbon footprint gets smaller then so do the bills. Richard is very happy with County Battery being presented the Green Award 2016 and wants to thank IIE, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire by saying, “It’s a proud achievement for all the staff members at County Battery to be named winner of the Green Award. All of us at County Battery will continue to contribute in a positive manner to reduce the environmental impact over the next few years.” As mentioned above the evening was filled full of fun related activities and our staff enjoyed thoroughly as you will see below in the pictures. Congratulations once again to County Battery and the staff!