Battery pack rebuilding - Terms & Conditions

Please read the information below regarding the battery pack rebuilding service that we offer.

*Please ensure you send your charger along with your battery pack*

What the service includes
 •  A replacement of the batteries inside the pack – the voltage will be matched completely and the capacity (Ah) will be matched to the nearest multiple of 2.9.
 •  The BMS (battery management system) will be replaced with a BMS that is capable of discharging at 20A and charging at 10A.

What the service does not include
 •  Cleaning or repairs of the battery casing. 
 •  The replacement of Locks/Switches/Voltage indicators or faulty chargers.
 •  We cannot guarantee that all locks, switches and voltage indicators with work once the battery has been re-celled. 

 •  County Battery Services will guarantee the cells and the BMS for 1 year. 
 •  Any items not included in the “What the service includes” section will not be covered under warranty.
 • If your battery pack is reopened by you or a third party after rebuilding, the warranty is void.

Lead time
 •  County Battery Services give a lead time of 7 working days from when you ship the battery to us.


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