Choosing the Best Leisure Battery for your Motorhome or Caravan in 2021

Which leisure battery is best suited for you

Choosing the Best Leisure Battery for your Motorhome in 2021

With the warm weather slowly creeping in and the lockdown restrictions soon to be lifted (hopefully), it'll soon be the perfect time for a sunny getaway in your caravan or motorhome. But to get away with no hassle on your British summer time holiday, you'll want to plan everything ahead and make sure all checks are complete. While we can't help you pitch a tent or find the perfect spot to settle, we can make sure you'll have no trouble getting there and back and running all of your appliances during your trip. Here at County Battery, we have a wide range of leisure batteries available in store and online. With a host of batteries to choose from including lead acid batteries and lithium batteries, you're sure to find exactly what you need.

Here's a brief summary of all of the leisure battery ranges you should take a look at this summer...

Enforcer Leisure Battery Range

For high quality at a lower price, look no further than the Enforcer range. With leisure batteries starting as low as £73 and ranging from 85Ah to 115Ah, these batteries are a real bargain, but don't let the lower price fool you, the Enforcer range of leisure batteries are still high quality, reliable batteries.

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Fuller Powerstation Leisure Battery Range

 If you're looking for a high quality and super reliable leisure battery, the Fuller Powerstation range is for you. With batteries ranging from 85Ah up to 115Ah, you're sure to find the perfect fit for you. While a little more pricey than the Enforcer range, all Fuller Powerstation batteries come with a 3 year warranty covering any manufacturer defects within the first 3 years from the day of purchase. 

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Li-Gen, TN Power LiFePO4 Lithium Leisure Battery Range

Finally, if the price isn't holding you back and you want the best possible leisure battery that money can buy for your motorhome or caravan, then you need to go lithium. While they do come with a hefty price tag, LiFePO4 batteries beat the good old fashioned lead acid batteries in many ways, here's a few of them:

  • LiFePo4 batteries are around half the weight of lead-acid, making them a lot easier to move around if needed.
  • With the correct charger, LiFePO4 has the potential to fully charge within ONE HOUR!
  • LiFePo4 batteries also have up to 60% more usable capacity than lead acid batteries, this means that the battery will keep working past 10.6v all the way until it's nearly flat, unlike the lead acid battery hich will more than likely stop powering the application it is on once it drops down to 10.6v.
  • The LiFePo4 battery is more compact with greater power density than the traditional lead acid battery.

Please note that LiFePo4 batteries must be used with the correct charger, contact us for details on finding the correct charger for your lithium leisure battery.

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Not sure if your battery is the problem? We can tell you! We can offer a leisure battery test for your leisure battery to see if it needs replacing or if you're good to go, this usually takes around 1-2 days to complete so we can fully charge and test your battery. If you're not sure which leisure battery you need, don't worry, we've got you covered. Our team of friendly and helpful battery experts are available to answer any of your questions and find out which leisure battery is perfect for you. Just give us a call on 01623757377, drop us an email at or come in to one of our stores!

So don't get left behind this summer, come to County Battery Services to ensure at least one of your checks is complete.