County Battery repairs what others can’t

County Battery repairs what others can’t

County Battery Services is the leading battery supplier and expert in the UK. One of the many services we offer is the battery pack building / battery repair service. We have been repairing battery packs for several years now which includes battery packs for powertools, drills, mobility scooter, golf trolley, e-bikes, electric scooters and many more.

 Our pack building service is popular especially for the powertool and drill battery repairs. One of the main reasons being is that the original brand manufacturers don’t make the parts anymore, so most customers prefer to get their battery packs rebuilt rather than buying a replacement from abroad or a new one which is very expensive. For example, a lot of our customers with Hilti 36 volt and Snap-On 18 volt drill battery packs come to us to rebuild their battery packs as they can’t find any replacement battery for their drills from the original manufacturers.

So why choose County Battery Services for their pack building service?

With over 40 years of experience in the battery industry, our experts know how to build your battery pack right and make it work in the exact same way as it used to. We use quality A-grade battery cells to recell your battery pack and we refurb and repair a range of batteries including Lithium (Li-Ion), Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd.

Our pack building service saves you cost as well as our battery repair service is cheaper than buying a new or replacement drill battery.  

Stewart Golf Trolley & E-Bike:

Lithium battery pack builds are on the rise. We get several enquiries on day to day basis to rebuild lithium golf trolley battery packs or E-bike batteries. It is similar situation when it comes to lithium battery packs, for example Stewart Golf has stopped manufacturing 36 volt lithium golf trolley battery packs, but there is no reason to worry as County Battery Services can rebuild it. We have built several Stewart Golf F1 Lithium trolley battery packs for our customers. We use Panasonic 18650 lithium cells to rebuild it and the cost is much cheaper than a replacement. 

Our expert technicians are capable of rebuilding 24 volt and 36 volt e-bike battery packs as well. Like in golf trolley battery packs, we do use Panasonic 18650 lithium cells. For Ebike and Stewart golf trolley battery pack repair and rebuild queries, please email pictures of the battery pack along with technical specifications, your contact name and number to



Customised battery packs:

Why just stop at drill, golf trolley or e-bikes, our technicians are more than capable of building customised battery packs as per our customer’s requirements. Here’s a kind review from one of our customers for whom we built a battery pack for her Aquajoy bathing chair.

How do I order?

Well, everything is online now, our battery packbuilding page allows you to place your order online for powertool and drill batteries.

If words are not enough, then have a peek at our experts rebuilding Snap-On 18v drill battery.