Distilled or De-ionised Water from County Battery Services

As you guys know that County Battery Services is more than just a car and motorcycle battery supplier. We also supply battery related accessories and products such as jump leads, chargers, terminals and of course De-Ionised water. However, sometimes there is confusion between De-Ionised or Distilled water. Our Managing Director Richard Fuller has explained it better below.

Distilled Water is water that has many of its impurities removed by distillation. Deionised Water is water that has been filtered chemically to purify the water.

Distilled water tends to be more expensive than Deionised but much purer. Distilled water tends to be used by laboratories and in food processes. Deionised water is normally used in machines that heat water to stop build up of chemical residues.

At County Battery Services Ltd, deionised water is supplied in large quantities for topping up of batteries for fork lift trucks in general. It is also used in a number of manufacturing processes. Click here to buy 25 Litre of De-Ionised water from County Battery Services. Minimum order quanity is 4. Shipping Charges will be added as follow: Buy 4+ for shipping cost of £40 extra, Buy 10+ for shipping cost of £30 extra, Buy 15+ for shipping cost of £25 extra, Buy 20+ for shipping cost of £20 extra.

To distill, heat it to steam (so it vaporises) then cool the steam so that it condenses and collect the liquid. Because the water will vaporise before any of the impurities it effectively removes impurities from the water. To make water really pure, this process can be repeated.

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