Enforcer 110 Car Battery –The best car battery in the market

Enforcer 110 Car Battery

The most important feature of your car is the battery inside it. Having a premium quality battery in your car will ensure smooth functioning of your vehicle. So choosing the right brand in car battery is vital. Enforcer brand is the market leader when it comes to car batteries. The Enforcer 110 12V 80Ah Car Battery is one of the most popular batteries in the market today. County Battery Services is the only supplier in the UK who supplies the Enforcer 110 car battery.

So, what makes the Enforcer 110 car battery the best? This battery is suitable for cars with standard electronic systems. The Enforcer 110 car battery is built with superior technology which supplies long lasting performance for your car. The Enforcer 110 car battery is able to withstand the pressure of day to day use because of the strong battery case built. This battery comes with a 2-Year warranty, providing 700 Amp-hours capacity.

The Enforcer 110Ah battery is compatible with a number of the best car brands in the world. A few include: Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and many more. Check the car fitment tab on our website to see the full list.

Here are the technical specifications for the Enforcer 110 Car Battery:

Volts:     12V

Ah:         80A

CCA:       700

Dimensions: L:317mm W:175mm H:175mm

Chemical:   Lead Acid

Here at County Battery Services, we sell more Enforcer 110 car batteries than any other car battery in our retail shops or on the website. On top of all this, County Battery staff offer the best service to its customers by providing excellent advise, expert knowledge and fast delivery.

If you want maximum power, reliability with longest durability at the best price, then Enforcer 110 Car Battery is the answer. Buy this product now by clicking here or visit our shops in Kirkby, Nuthall or Ilkeston to receive excellent first-hand customer service. If you order online, you will get free next day delivery on the Enforcer 110 car battery. Also, we are running this ‘BUY TOGETHER’ offer with the Enforcer 110 car battery- Buy this battery with Maypole 4ah MP7423 electronic smart charger and get £6 off on the order. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your Enforcer 110 car battery with County Battery Services.