Exide Technologies is one of the largest manufacturers of batteries and stored energy devices in the world. Their range of leisure batteries is extensive and County Battery is proud to present customers with a broad selection of their high-performance batteries.zoom_Exide_ER450_12v_95ah_Leisure_Battery We have a fantastic range of leisure and gel leisure batteries in stock and Exide’s great range of leisure batteries are among our most popular products in this battery category.

Leisure Batteries

A common battery type, leisure batteries are used for a number of applications, most commonly in ‘leisure vehicles’ such as boats and campervans. They’re designed specifically to deliver a moderate power supply over long periods of time and have a few differences to car batteries, as well as many similarities, most notably their construction. While the construction is similar, to reduce the loss of active material during recharge and discharge cycles, leisure batteries have thicker battery plates and thicker separators between those plates. This allows them to be discharged to a greater degree than car batteries, which are designed to provide very high currents in comparison.

Two Varieties

There are two main types of leisure batteries, regular leisure batteries and gel leisure batteries, both of which Exide produces a broad range of. The regular variety are used in campervans and similar applications, while gel leisure batteries are used in boats and other marine craft. The gel refers to a non-spill electrolyte – battery acid – in gel form that protects the battery in case of contact with water. Unlike regular ‘wet’ batteries, the casing on gel leisure batteries is sealed so as to protect it from damage. Many campervans and other leisure vehicles are now being fitted with gel leisure batteries for extra safety in case of an accident. County Battery offers three Exide gel leisure batteries, the Exide ES950 12v 85ah, Exide ES900 12v 80ah and Exide ES650 12v 56ah, both of which are an excellent choice for any variety of marine craft, as well as campervans and motorhomes. The benefits of these batteries include:
  • Flexibility
Both Exide batteries are highly flexible and can be stored in cabin or on their side so as to free up 30 percent more space. They’re suitable for long resting periods and offer minimal maintenance, making them perfect for occasional boating or camping trips.
  • Power
With their built-in jellified electrolyte technology and valve regulated venting, these premium batteries cover a performance range from 450Wh to 1300Wh.
  • Robustness
All Exide batteries are renowned for their robust qualities, and the Exide ES950, Exide ES900 and Exide ES650 are no exception in this regard, as they’re leak and spill-proof and totally tilt and high-vibration resistant. If you’re looking for a premium quality gel leisure battery that enables you to get more from your boating or camping vehicle, these two from Exide represent an outstanding investment. Along with these two premium gel leisure batteries, we have a number of Exide’s leisure batteries in stock, which are ideal for many leisure applications. Get in touch with County Battery for further information about our Exide range.