Several ceiling-mounted smoke detectors, wall-mounted alarms run on batteries. Replacing these batteries annually or when the low battery indicator comes on, will keep your alarm from losing the programmed settings or power. Here’s some simple steps to change alarm batteries in a few minutes.

The first step is to have the new batteries available when you need them. County Battery Services provide a range of ALARM BATTERIES.

You should have plenty of time to purchase new batteries for your alarm. If you’re replacing these batteries annually, you can simply get some new ones whenever you have a chance.

Despite the low battery indicator coming up, you should still have several weeks to get new batteries for the alarm. By default Manufacturers set low-battery indicators to come on 1 to 2 months before the batteries are actually dead so that the customer doesn't have to make a late-night run for their alarm batteries.

To find out what type of batteries you need to get for your alarm, check inside our alarm first and then check County Battery's WEBSITE. You’ll most likely need CR2032 3V lithium, 9 volt PP3, AA alkaline or AAA alkaline batteries. Smoke detectors/alarms, in particular, usually use 9V PP3 batteries.

Replace Your Alarm Batteries

  • Remove the housing                                                                                                            
  • Replace the batteries
  • Replace the housing

How to:

1. Remove the housing

Look at the housing for the alarm to see how it might open. You will need to open the housing to get at the batteries.

  • Smoke alarm housings usually twist off.
  • Alarm housings might be of several types.
  • To remove the alarm's housing from its wall-mount plate, you might need to simply pull the housing straight out from the wall, or you may have to first slide it up before pulling it out.

2. Replace the batteries

  • Locate the batteries. They are typically in the part that stays attached to the wall/ceiling – not in the removable housing.         
  • Remove the old batteries. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to make job easier.
  • Insert the new batteries.

3. Replace the housing

  • Put the housing back in place, reversing the way you removed it.                                                                    
  • Check to make sure your programmed settings are still available.

Replacing batteries is an infrequent task that can be done when your device alerts you that the battery is low. The advantage of doing jobs like changing alarm batteries is to do it on a scheduled basis so it is easy to deal with all these battery replacements at the same time. This will take away the worry of whether a low battery light will come on when you are on vacation or any other inappropriate time.

County Battery Services supply wide range of alarm batteries ranging from top brands like Yuasa, Fuller, Enersys. We supply alkaline, Lead Acid and Lead Acid AGM chemical alarm batteries. Check out ALARM BATTERY section here.

  • Ah: 3A
£7.69 (Inc.VAT)

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  • Volts: 1.5V
£1.04 (Inc.VAT)

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  • Volts: 1.5V
£1.04 (Inc.VAT)

(Website price only. Prices will differ in shops)

  • Volts: 9V
  • Dimensions:
    W: 26.5 L: 17.5 H: 48.5

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