Here is an interesting way to use a battery that is no longer of serviceable use. Other than just recycling, can the battery be used to do another job? Will it work?

Part of Richard's work at County Battery Services Ltd is to look at new and innovative products that the Company can bring to the market. Few years back, County Battery Services launched the Powerbank a device that captures the solar energy from photovoltaic cells and stores it to be used when the sun goes down.

Old batteries and solar sounds like a great idea, but in reality is it feasible? If the battery has come from a crashed damaged car which is an insurance total loss then we could see it working, but the suggestion is that you take a battery that is no longer of use in a car and expect it to perform in a solar application.

Various studies are being carried out about this subject but no one talks about the battery life after is has left the car. The battery would need to be reconditioned in some way or the correct voltage could not be maintained. Whenever we have swapped cells in fork truck batteries the others soon start to fail not long after and they are of low voltage with typically no more than 24 cells.

The battery could be dismantled and any faulty cells could be replaced but that is a time consuming and dangerous job (400V DC). As there are lots of cells in one of these pack it would be easy to miss some or have others fail within days of them being replaced. It is possibly cheaper to buy a new battery and definitely more reliable.

The quest to find a cheap way to store energy is maybe a water tower and an Archimedes Screw would be better? If you found this blog informative, please follow Richard Fuller blogs here.