We supply more than just Car & Motorcycle batteries

County Battery Services is the leading battery supplier in the UK with over 40 years of experience in the battery industry. However, the usual perception about us by most of our customers is that we are just suppliers of car and motorcycle batteries. Well, that’s not true at all. We stock and supply batteries for wide range of applications including modern and classic cars, commercial vehicles, plant, industrial, mobility, emergency, alarm, cordless phones, digital cameras, and battery-operated toys - if it has a battery County Battery Services can supply it!

County Battery Services is just not limited to batteries. We also stock a range of chargers, battery testing equipment, bulbs and other battery accessories. County Battery Services is one of the only few battery suppliers in the UK who supply batteries for niche markets such as:

  •  Bait Boat & Fish Trolley industry: Supplying top of the range brand batteries such as Yuasa NP range, Enersys NP range and many more. Price range starts from as low as £14.98 moving upwards to £79.73.
  •  Mobile Catering equipment: Supplying in 12 Volt category from 80Ah to 150Ah range in popular brands such as Fuller, Exide, Enforcer and many more. All our Mobile Catering Equipment batteries are built and designed to provide maximum power, reliability with longest durability at the best price and quality.
  •  Gym equipment: County Battery services offer range of quality batteries for gym equipment. With over 40 years of experience in supplying premium quality batteries for Gym Equipment, we can assure you about the level of knowledge and service we possess when it comes to batteries. The Cyclon D battery range are very popular when it comes to gym equipment batteries.
  • Alarm & Security industry: County Battery Services supply wide range of alarm batteries ranging from top brands like Yuasa, Fuller, Enersys. We supply alkaline, Lead Acid and Lead Acid AGM chemical alarm batteries. Check out CR2032 3V Lithium, 9 volt PP3, AA alkaline or AAA alkaline batteries. Smoke detectors/alarms, in particular, usually use 9V PP3 batteries.
  • Medical industry: County Battery Services has been the experts when it comes to supplying medical batteries and medical battery packs. County Battery is an expert supplier within the medical sector for our product quality and excellent customer service. Leading healthcare organisations in the UK are our customers. Our medical battery range which include batteries for defibrillators, including AED’s, monitors, syringe pumps, ventilators and many more devices. Our extensive medical battery stocks enable you to order from one single source.
  • Solar batteries: We supply list of high quality solar batteries. We supply all types of solar batteries using Lead Acid, AGM and Gel. We sell top brand battery brands such as Yuasa, Fuller, Enersys, Exide and many more. Ensure all dimensions and Ah(ampere hour) are correct before ordering your battery. You can use the filters for a quick battery search.
  • Window cleaning machine industry: County Battery Services supply many types of Window Cleaning Machine Batteries. We supply all types AGM type batteries made for slow discharge and fast charging. The AGM battery usually out performs lead acid leisure batteries and will provide more cycles and better performance for your machine.
  • Generator and Compressor batteries: We supply generator and compressor batteries which come in lead acid and AGM types. We sell top brand battery brands such as Yuasa, Fuller, Optima when it comes to Generator batteries.

We are always in stock for the above-mentioned batteries. We provide free next day delivery, express next day delivery before 12 PM and even same day delivery on our vans if you are based around Nottinghamshire region. Make sure you place your order before 2 PM for next day and express delivery options. So, what are you waiting for, start shopping at www.countybattery.co.uk.