What do these Battery Abbreviations stand for?

What do these Battery Abbreviations stand for?

As one of the leading battery suppliers in the UK, we receive lots of calls regarding battery queries. Not everyone is a Jack of all Trade and knows their batteries well. So, we do get questions thrown around to us revolving around battery terminology and abbreviations. Let County Battery Services educated you about certain battery abbreviations, mainly in the industrial and motorcycle battery categories respectively.

What does "VRLA", "MF", "AGM", and "SLA" stand for?

  • "VRLA" stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid
  • "MF" stands for Maintenance-Free
  • "AGM" stands for Absorbed Glass Mat
  • "SLA" stands for Sealed Lead Acid

All four of these terms basically refer to the same type of battery. An example of this would be the YTX battery series. These batteries are typically all black in colour.


What does “Standard SLI” stand for?

"Standard SLI" (Starting, Lighting and Ignition) refers to any standard, non-sealed battery. SLI mainly refers to older style batteries used for powersports type vehicles. An example of this battery would be 12N-series type batteries. These batteries are typically white with a black top, and with yellow or green acid filling caps.