Hawker Cyclon X 6V 5.0Ah Battery 0809-0012

  • Brand: Enersys
  • Volts: 6V
  • Ah (C20): 5A
  • Dimensions: L:139mm W:53.8mm H:76.7mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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The Hawker Cyclon X  6V 5.0Ah Battery 0809-0012 is a cyclon-series X 6V 5Ah Rechargeable Battery which comes in lead-acid technology with single cell, quick-connect terminals and a wide range of exceptionally high performance 2V cells, monoblocs and custom built packs designed for use in application using technology of spirally wound electrodes made of pure lead. 

The Hawker cyclon range is designed for use in applications where high rate, high temperature and fast charge is required. Charging for single cells and monoblocs - 2.35 to 2.5V/cell cyclic, 2.27 to 2.35V/cell float charge voltage. 

Main Features:

  • High rate performance
  • 10year design life
  • Standard voltage performance
  • Fast charge capability
  • No loose electrolyte
  • Integral fixing holes
  • 2-year Storage life at 25°C
  • -40 to 40°C Temperature range