Panasonic Sealed lead acid battery LC-P1228AP FR 12V 28Ah M5-V

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Volts: 12V
  • Ah (C20): 28A
  • Dimensions: L:165mm W:125mm H:175mm
  • Warranty: 12 months
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Panasonic Sealed lead acid battery LC-P1228AP FR 12V 28Ah M5-V

The PANASONIC LC-P1228AP FR is a maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery which offers excellent performance in float charge (up to 10 years) and fast discharge rates, making it the ideal UPS battery. The PANASONIC LC-P1228AP FR battery's thick plates and AGM separators provide excellent reliability and durability.

The PANASONIC LC-P1228AP FR battery has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and meets the requirements of leading UPS manufacturers. The PANASONIC LC-P1228AP is not recommended for cycle use. We recommend the NX Cyclic, Yuasa REC or Panasonic LC-R/LC-XC ranges for intensive cycle use.

PANASONIC LC-P1228AP FR Battery Specifications:
- Nominal capacity: 12V 28Ah/C20
- M5-V connector: M5 threaded rod
- FR (Flame Retardant) case: UL94 V-0

PANASONIC LC-P Range Advantages:
- AGM sealed lead acid battery
- Life in float charge: Up to 10 years (at 20°C)
- Lead-calcium alloy grids designed to resist corrosion and ensure fast recharge
- Can be installed and operated in any orientation (except permanently inverted)

PANASONIC LC-P1228AP FR UPS Battery Applications:
- Emergency lighting
- Emergency power
- Energy supply
- Energy storage
- Generators
- Medical
- Alarm and security
- Electronic equipment and appliances
- Railway and plane signalling

Applications : office equipment - medical equipment - Video - computers - Instrumentation - Communication - phones

Technical Advice:
Please charge your PANASONIC LC-P1228AP battery upon reception and before the first use to ensure the best possible performance. Our products are stored in our warehouse which is equipped with a charging area to guarantee you optimum quality.