Duracell Batteries from County Battery

County Battery Services specialises in Batteries, and stocks Duracell Batteries and Duracell Car Batteries. With over 40 years of experience, we provide our customers with an extended range of batteries from top quality and trusted brands such as Duracell. You can take advantage of our specialist knowledge and excellent customer service. County Battery provides premium quality car batteries online and in our shops.

Duracell is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance alkaline batteries, with speciality in cells and rechargeable. It is an household power brand, reliable for compact and long-lasting batteries. County Battery supplies a wide range of Duracell batteries including alkaline batteries for multiple uses, whether it to be used for toys, remote controls, or household appliances. We also stock quality Duracell Car Battery for all kind of cars. We provide 065/ DS 55 AGM, Lead Acid EFB car batteries which have warranties up to 5 years. Next day delivery, Saturday delivery and free delivery options are available within the UK.

We make sure you buy the right type of car battery for your needs. Our Find by Fitment page guides enables you to choose the correct battery suitable for your vehicle. Simply enter details of your current battery and find the exact battery or the suggested replacement. We also allow you to search for the right battery for your car with 'Search By Registration' option on the County Battery website. Just enter your Car Registration Number and we will help find suitable batteries for your vehicle.

We believe in fitting the best quality car battery; the battery that helps provide your car power to run for a long time. We do not promote the 'Buy Cheap, Buy Again' moto. We promote 'Buy Quality, Buy Longevity'. Our website provides you with an 'Upgraded Battery' option for you to choose, helping you make the right choice.

County Battery has over 40 years of experience providing quality and excellent service. We have retail stores in the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire, and we test and fit batteries at our shops.

Our informative website allows you to find your battery by filtering technical aspects such as Ampere Hour, Cold Cranking Amps, Dimension or filtering by Price and Brand. If you need help finding your car battery, call our Battery Specialists and we will help you make the right choice.

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