Energizer Batteries from County Battery

County Battery Services specialises in batteries, and stock Energizer Batteries. With over 40 years of experience, we offer customers a variety of batteries from top quality and trusted brands including Energizer. County Battery has specialist battery knowledge, selling batteries based on quality, whilst offering excellent customer service. We provide premium quality alkaline batteries online and in our shops.

Energizer is a leading manufacturer of high performance alkaline batteries and lithium batteries, and is synonymous with new technologies and innovation. It is a well-known brand, trusted for resilience and high-performance batteries. County Battery supplies a wide variety of Energizer batteries including alkaline batteries for multiple uses, whether it be for toys, remote controls or household appliances. 

We endorse and believe in fitting the best quality batteries that help provide your appliances with the power to run longer. We do not promote the 'Buy Cheap, Buy Again' moto. We promote 'Buy Quality, Buy Longevity'. 

County Battery Services has over 40 years of experience, offering quality and excellent service everywhere. We have retail outlets across Nottinghamshire. Visit our shops in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nuthall or Ilkeston and meet one of helpful staff members. We fit and test batteries at our stores.

Our informative website enables you to find the battery you need easily online. You can filter technical aspects or filtering by Price and Brand. If you are having difficulties finding the right battery or suitable household batteries, please contact our helpful Battery Experts.

If you would like more information on Energizer household batteries, alkaline or lithium batteries, please see our Blog & Videos page from the Battery Experts, County Battery.