F1 Stewart Golf Trolley 36v 8.7Ah Lithium Battery Pack Rebuild & Repair Service

  • Volts: 36V
  • Ah (C20): 8.7 A
  • Warranty: 12 month
£348.00 (£290.00 ex VAT)

! Please ensure you send your charger and any keys or anything else required to use the battery !

Battery refurbishment for Stewart F1 Golf Trolley battery pack. Quick turnaround time to rebuild and deliver. County Battery Services is UK'S only company when it comes to rebuilding Stewart F1 Golf Trolley battery pack. County Battery Services use premium Panasonic 18650 lithium cells and circuit board to rebuild your battery pack and upgrade it. We use your existing case to rebuild your battery pack.

County Battery Services have rebuilt several Stewart F1 Golf Trolley battery packs with success and we are highly recommended by all our customers when it comes to lithium battery packs rebuild.

Once you place the order to refurbish this product we will send you an email containing a UPS label. The label should be attached to the package in which you are sending the Stewart F1 Golf trolley battery pack and charger in and dropped off at one of the UPS access points listed on the label. Once we have received the battery, the refurbishment will be done and the battery will be shipped back out to you at your doorsteps.

At this moment in time we cannot guarantee full working order of voltage indicators on this battery or the application. We will ensure full working order of the battery and will make every attempt to keep the voltage indicators working as they should. 

At any stage if you are struggling or have any query, feel free to ring us on Telephone: 01623 757377 or email us the battery pack pictures or query at sales@countybattery.co.uk