County Battery managing director Richard Fuller was firstly introduced to lean at a Mansfield 2020 function where he was given the '2 second lean' book written by Paul A. Akers. This was start of LOGOan enlightening journey towards a leaner business. After this , the book and resources were passed round the office to introduce it to the whole business. The lean concept is derived from the Japanese principle of Kaizen, a culture that has been around for thousands of years. The word Kaizen roughly translates to ''continuous improvement''and that is a key principle of lean. When asked what lean means to them, Richard Fuller, managing director said 'lean is about lots of things like reducing cost, increasing efficiency, reducing waste and the greatest benefit of lean is that it develops people.' Where as Phil Dobson, sales operations director states 'lean is about continuous improvement within the business, empowering employees to use their genius and develop the lean culture in the business and their life'. Lean cultureconsists of 3 main parts, known as the '3 pillars of lean'; the 8 deadly wastes, continuous improvement and the making of videos. The 8 deadly wastes are problems that all companies can suffer from: - Over-Production - Transportation - Excess Inventory - Defects - Over-Processing - Excess Motion - Waiting Time - Unused Employee Genius Want to see how lean can really improve your business? Why not come for a lean tour at County Battery Services in Kirkby in Ashfield? Call now on 01623 757377 or email us to make your date