This week County Battery says goodbye to one of its most talented and hard-working staff members Tim Dobson, who is going back to college in order to pursue his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Tim joined County Battery in 2015 after finishing his school. In the year and half Tim has spent with County Battery as an apprentice, he has developed valuable skills as a staff member. Tim works in the Warehouse department and has been an excellent asset during his time at County Battery. At the age of 17, Tim possesses great knowledge and is way more mature than his age suggests. His ability to think on feet to solve any operational or logistic issues will be definitely missed. Within a short span of time, Tim has developed excellent rapport and relationship with his fellow County Battery colleagues. The main objective of County Battery in regards to Tim was to help him complete a series of apprenticeships to give him knowledge and experience in all areas of a business which will help Tim prepare and secure jobs in future. Tim is looking forward to commence his journey soon and has been grateful to County Battery for providing him with this opportunity. Tim has thanked County Battery saying, “I have learnt so much over the past year and a half at County Battery. From all my colleagues teaching me big and little things about work and life in general, I feel I have developed as a person as well as a professional staff member. Now that I am given an opportunity to join college and pursue a career in basketball, I have grabbed it by both hands and hope to succeed on my journey in the sporting industry. I would like to thank everyone at County Battery for developing and helping me during my time here and I wish everyone all the best.” Tim is a natural leader and everyone at County Battery knows that he will succeed in all aspects of life while achieving his goals and ambitions. All the best TIM DOBSON!!