What do you do when you have wealth of business knowledge and experience? You pass it on to the younger generation. That is exactly what our Managing Director Richard Fuller is doing by mentoring young students from Nottingham Trent University and helping them take part in the £10 Business Challenge. The aim of the challenge is to turn £10 given to these students into profit within the next 10 days. This opportunity is to test the business knowledge of the students and develop key employability skills such as teamwork, leadership and time management within them. Richard Fuller is the experienced business mentor who is helping the students successfully complete this challenge. The proceeds from the challenge will be going to the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre. 100% of the money raised will go to the charity and be put towards the research itself as the charity is funded by Nottingham Trent University who cover all admin fees, salaries etc. All the donations will go towards real-life research and helping people who are struggling with cancer. A vital part of the £10 challenge is to raise as much awareness for the charity as possible. Last year the whole challenge raised £13,300 for the charity and the aim this year is to beat that target. Richard is looking forward to the challenge and has thanked the University saying, “I am really excited and at the same time proud to be part of this great initiative. My aim is to mentor these students in the right direction and do the best to help them generate as much profit as possible. I am working with these three amazing students who are smart, ambitious and future entrepreneurs. Again, thank you Nottingham Trent University to let me be part of such a wonderful cause.” A raffle will be held which is open to everyone. The tickets will be available online or in person. Amazing raffle prizes are lined up. Any donations are welcome to help us achieve the goal or even exceed it!